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Golden Codfish, a Top-notch Braised Codfish Restaurant in Seochon Village

Codfish is one of the various names for pollock. It refers to partially dried pollock, which is typically seasoned and cooked. Thanks to its popularity, there are restaurants specializing solely in codfish dishes, catering to a dedicated fan base.

“In Seoul’s Seochon Village, a Specialized Braised Codfish Restaurant: Golden Codfish”

In Seoul’s Seochon Village, located west of Gyeongbokgung Palace, there is a restaurant that specializes in selling codfish. With a name like “Golden Codfish,” it’s easy to infer that the restaurant primarily serves codfish.

The menu at Golden Codfish naturally features “codfish” as its centerpiece. Options include “Braised Codfish,” “Braised Codfish with Seaweed,”. “Galbi Codfish,” and “Squid and Codfish Stew,” along with additional items like Squid Pancake, Acorn Jelly Salad, and Seoul-style Beef Bulgogi.

“Basic Braised Codfish: KRW 12,000”

During this visit, I ordered the basic braised codfish, priced at KRW 12,000 for a single portion. Once you’re seated and your order is placed, a starchy side dish is served instead of water.

Next, various banchan (side dishes) are laid out one by one, including seaweed, bean sprouts, acorn jelly, and seasoned radish. Additionally, each individual is served a small steamed egg custard, which pairs deliciously with the braised codfish that follows.

You have the option to order braised codfish for a minimum of two servings, which provides one substantial piece of codfish and a smaller piece per person. While it leans slightly towards being spicy, it also has a touch of sweetness. It could be compared to soy-marinated crab in terms of rice-thieving flavor.

The marinade contains red chili peppers, but it’s not as spicy as one might expect. The ripe chili complements the codfish meat well, creating a harmonious combination.

Given that the marinade itself is flavorful, I often find myself ordering an extra serving of rice, especially on days when my appetite is hearty.

This restaurant offers a hearty meal, and although the price of KRW 12,000 per person may seem a bit steep, it’s well worth it.

“Combination of Table and Floor Seating”

The restaurant is quite spacious. It provides both table seating and floor seating where guests can take off their shoes and sit on cushions. Of course, during peak lunch hours, it’s advisable to quickly secure a seat. However, during relatively quieter times, one might have the flexibility to choose their preferred spot for dining.

With its ample space, it’s suitable for group visits and could also serve as a great venue for work gatherings.

“Seoul’s Seochon Village, Top-notch Braised Codfish Restaurant: Golden Codfish”

  • Address: 14 Jahamun-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-738-3579