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Fusion Korean Restaurant ‘Mimiok’ in Yongsan, Seoul

When you head a bit south from Seoul Yongsan Station, you’ll come across a well-organized street filled with various restaurants and cafes.

The place I visited this time, ‘Mimiok,’ is also a restaurant you can find here, offering a special atmosphere. Mimiok has transformed a traditional Korean house (Hanok), preserving the elegance of the Hanok while providing clean and modern cuisine, appealing to the sensibilities of the MZ generation.

“Seoul Yongsan Fusion Korean Restaurant, Mimiok”

Mimiok can be introduced as a restaurant offering fusion Korean cuisine. They provide unique dishes ranging from Hanwoo beef-based rice noodles to pork belly bibimbap and spicy whelk rice noodles.

The fusion Korean cuisine served in the Hanok-styled space is quite impressive. The interior is divided into various spaces, from a kitchen area reminiscent of a small Japanese restaurant with a ‘ㄷ’ or ‘ㅁ’ shaped bar layout, to regular table seating.

In the table seating area, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing authentic Korean cuisine, while at the bar, you’ll get a sense of casually dining as if you were in Japan.

“Mimiok’s Menu”

The menu at Mimiok is straightforward. They have main dishes, side dishes, and set menus. The main dishes include:

  • Seoul Rice Noodles: KRW 9,800
  • Half Portion of Seoul Rice Noodles: KRW 11,500
  • Spicy Pork Belly Bibimbap: KRW 11,000
  • Spicy Whelk Rice Noodles: KRW 11,000

“Half Portion of Seoul Rice Noodles: KRW 11,500”

The dish I ordered on this visit was the ‘Half Portion of Seoul Rice Noodles’ priced at KRW 11,500. Considering the recent sharp rise in prices, it’s not overly expensive. The half portion of Seoul Rice Noodles consists of rice noodles, kimchi, salad, and rice.

Especially, you can see a generous amount of ‘Perilla Leaves’ on top of the rice noodles. The Perilla Leaves you taste in Southeast Asia have a quite strong flavor, but the Perilla Leaves tasted in Korea are relatively milder, making them a good match for rice noodles.

If by any chance you don’t like Perilla Leaves, quickly removing them is also an option.

Overall, it’s a place where you can taste Korean-style rice noodles comfortably. Thanks to the active use of the Hanok building for interior decoration, it creates a special atmosphere, making it a great spot for a date.

“Seoul Yongsan, Fusion Korean Restaurant, Mimiok Yongsan Branch”