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Busan’s Santorini? Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Huinnyeoul Culture Village is a cultural village located in Yeongdo, Busan. Alongside “Gamcheon Culture Village,” it is considered one of the representative cultural villages and travel destinations in Busan.

One of the distinctive features of Huinnyeoul Culture Village is its location on the coastal cliffs. In the past, it had an image of a moonlight town, but now it has transformed into a “culture village” that boasts stunning views.

“Busan’s Santorini: Huinnyeoul Culture Village in Yeongdo, Busan”

Similar to Gamcheon Culture Village, Huinnyeoul Culture Village gained fame for its unique landscape, which was a distinctive departure from the old residential areas in the urban center.

Initially, Gamcheon Culture Village was nicknamed Korea’s Machu Picchu or Santorini. However, after Huinnyeoul Culture Village gained attention, it became more common to liken Gamcheon Culture Village to Santorini, as it is not directly on the coast like Santorini, and the landscape is not quite similar.

“The Artistic Coastal Views of Huinnyeoul Culture Village”

Although I had visited Busan before, I wasn’t familiar with Huinnyeoul Culture Village. However, during this trip, I discovered this place. Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations, but it turned out to be the most memorable space of my Busan trip.

It’s a place that boasts even more stunning views than expected. It’s aptly described as Korea’s “Santorini.” (Of course, I have only admired Santorini through photos and haven’t visited it in person yet.)

The clean, neat, and uniquely decorated shops lining the narrow streets make it enjoyable to explore the village. Especially for those who enjoy photography, there are many photo spots throughout, making it a place where you can truly enjoy the art of taking pictures.

Just looking down at the coastal promenade from the village is enough to provide a healing experience. It’s a place where you can capture picturesque photos with just a click of the shutter.

“Filming Location of the Movie ‘The Attorney'”

This place also served as a filming location for the movie ‘The Attorney.’ If you walk along the streets in the village, you can find spots marked as filming locations for ‘The Attorney.’

However, during this trip, whether due to the influence of COVID-19 or the early Sunday morning visit, the filming location for ‘The Attorney’ was blocked off, which was a bit disappointing.

Although it was my first visit this time, if I travel to Busan again, I would consider it a must-visit place with such a high level of satisfaction. It’s a place I’d definitely want to visit again on my next Busan trip.

“Yeongdo, Busan: Huinnyeoul Culture Village”