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Busan’s Machu Picchu? Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village, located in Sahagu, Busan, is one of the prominent landmarks in downtown Busan. It is a result of urban regeneration through the Renaissance Project, which has revitalized the cityscape.

Often referred to as Korea’s Machu Picchu or Santorini, Gamcheon Culture Village has gained popularity.  However, unlike Santorini in Greece, it is not located on the coast, and its landscape is not quite similar. As a result, in recent times, many liken it to the white waterfall culture village in front of the coastal cliffs as Korea’s Santorini.

“Gamcheon Culture Village”

Gamcheon Culture Village was formed by refugees who came to Busan during the Korean War and practitioners of Taekwondo. As refugees flocked to Busan, filling the plains of the city with urban centers, the village was formed even on the mountainside where people had not originally settled.

“The Entrance to Gamcheon Culture Village”

Finding the entrance to Gamcheon Culture Village is easy. If you follow the road, you will find the entrance with the sign “Gamcheon Culture Village” across from the “Gamjeong Elementary School Public Parking Lot.”

At the village entrance, you can find the “Gamcheon Culture Village Souvenir Shop,” where you can purchase a village map and four postcards for KRW 2,000.

However, if you visit as a group, the guide will immediately lead you to the souvenir shop as soon as the group bus arrives at the entrance. Therefore, when visiting as a group, you will need to pay KRW 2,000 per person, similar to an admission fee.

“Explore Various Murals at Gamcheon Culture Village”

At Gamcheon Culture Village, you can encounter various murals. The colorful buildings and diverse murals in every alley provide an additional enjoyment of exploring the neighborhood. There are even areas where entire alleys are beautifully decorated, and you can often encounter people taking commemorative photos.

“The Little Prince and the Desert Fox”

The most famous spot in Gamcheon Culture Village is undoubtedly the location of “The Little Prince and the Desert Fox.” It depicts The Little Prince and the Desert Fox looking down at Gamcheon Culture Village, and it is always crowded with many people taking commemorative photos.

You can see long lines, so if you want to take photos here, it’s a good idea to go early to queue up.

In addition to “The Little Prince and the Desert Fox,” as you wander around Gamcheon Culture Village, you can find streets filled with unique sculptures. With its colorful alleyways, it’s also a great place for taking commemorative photos. Thanks to this, many MZ generation individuals who frequently use Instagram often visit this place for photo shoots.

“Visiting Gamcheon Culture Village as the Sun Begins to Set”

Gamcheon Culture Village was the first place I visited during this two-night, three-day trip to Busan. However, we arrived at a time when the sun was starting to set little by little. In particular, where we were, the sun had not yet risen, and only the village in the background was bathed in sunlight, making it difficult to take photos.

If you visit to take pictures when the sun reaches The Little Prince statue, you will be able to capture even more stunning photos.

“Traveling with U.S. Department of State Scholars”

This trip was made with U.S. scholars who were selected through a special process to enhance their understanding of the Korean language and culture by the U.S. Department of State.

These students had been staying in Korea for about nine months, taking Korean language classes and experiencing the culture. This event was conducted as the final group trip before the students returned to the U.S. It was a journey that marked both a joyful and somewhat regretful beginning, as it was a way to leave behind final memories with friends with whom they had spent a long time.

“Busan Gamcheon Culture Village”

  • Address: 200 Gamnae 1-ro, Sahagu, Busan 49365
  • Phone: 051-204-1444
  • Facility Opening Hours: (March-October) 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, (November-February) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Website: https://www.gamcheon.or.kr