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Beef and Rice Soup at Gwanghwamun: ‘Uutangbap’

The Gwanghwamun area in Seoul is a prominent district known for its concentration of offices. It houses various public institutions, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and serves as the location for headquarters of both large and small businesses.

As lunchtime approaches, you can witness many office workers having their meals. To meet this demand, numerous restaurants can be found throughout the Gwanghwamun area.

However, the restaurant I visited this time, called “Uutangbap,” is not situated in a cluster of restaurants like others. It stands alone in a slightly secluded spot.

“Seoul Gwanghwamun Beef and Rice Soup: Uutangbap”

You can find Uutangbap on the 1st floor of the Yongbieocheonga Office Building. Even though it is on the same floor, it is not located directly on the main road, making it less conspicuous. The Yongbieocheonga Office Building is an office-tel located just west of Gwanghwamun Plaza, across from the Morning Three of Gyeonghuigung.

“Uutangbap” derives its name from the Korean word for beef (“U”) indicating the use of beef in its dishes. The signature dishes are “Uutangbap” (beef and rice soup) and “Uutangmyeon” (beef and noodle soup). In the past, they also had menu items named “Hongtangbap,” “Hongtangmyeon,” “Baektangbap,” and “Baektangmyeon” based on the color of the broth. The menu has been updated since our visit.

“Hongtangbap” refers to soup with a red broth, while “Baektangbap” indicates a clear broth. If you enjoy spicy food, you can opt for “Hongtangbap” or “Hongtangmyeon.” For a milder, soothing option, “Baektangbap” or “Baektangmyeon” is recommended.

The prices for regular-sized dishes are all 8,500 KRW, while the special-sized dishes with more meat are priced at 11,000 KRW.

“A Restaurant with a Homey Atmosphere, Like Eating Homemade Beef Soup”

The meals served at Uutangbap exude a homey atmosphere, akin to enjoying a homemade beef and rice soup. When you order a meal, it is presented on a tray, reminiscent of food court-style service. Along with a bit of kimchi, pickled radish, and a broth for dipping the meat, you are provided with rice and soup.

This restaurant offers a comfortable and relaxed experience, much like enjoying a bowl of homemade beef and rice soup at home. Particularly, beef and rice soup is known for being easily digestible, making it a good choice for students preparing for exams.

For a place where you can comfortably enjoy a meal without feeling overwhelmed by spicy flavors, Uutangbap is an excellent choice.

“Seoul Gwanghwamun Restaurant: Uutangbap”

  • Address: 36 Saemunan-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul