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“Arc & Book Jamsil Store” in Lotte World Mall

Arc & Book is a new type of urban complex cultural space that combines books with lifestyle. Based on four themes: “Daily, Weekend, Style, Inspiration,” carefully selected books and products are displayed and sold together, offering visitors a diverse lifestyle experience.

The signature feature of “Arc & Book” is its arch-shaped interior structure. The arch, which defies gravity and creates space with substantial materials, embodies both a structural form and a beautiful shape. Before modern times, humanity most frequently used the shape of the arch to create sacred or symbolic spaces.

The arch, an elemental form from the Roman Pantheon to Korea’s Seokguram Grotto, not only allows you to feel the essence of space but also serves as an important gateway that connects spaces from the streets to indoors in a city. At Arc & Book, they sought to express the arch of the bookstore that Arc & Book aspires to through a strong form.

“Bookstore in Jamsil: Arc & Book”

In each central area, you can find one bookstore, and in Jamsil, you can find a bookstore called Arc & Book. It is located on the 4th floor of Lotte World Mall. Positioned near Lotte Hi-Mart and Lotte Cinema, it’s easy to find if you head to the eastern end of Lotte World Mall.

“The Impressive Space with Arch-Shaped Design”

The interior design of the bookstore, designed in line with the concept of Arc & Book, is impressive. As you pass through the continuous tunnel-shaped arch design emitting a dignified feel, you may feel as if you are in an ancient relic site. Thanks to this, the arch-shaped tunnel space in the Jamsil branch also becomes a popular photo spot.

“A Variety of Books and Accessories to Explore”

As expected of a bookstore, you can explore a variety of books, all carefully curated under the distinctive style of Arc & Book.

However, there are eye-catching items at Arc & Book that stand out more than books: a diverse range of unique accessories. While you may have visited the bookstore to look for books, you may find yourself more captivated by the various charming accessories available in the store.

From quaint cat-shaped ornaments to various daily life items like alcohol and incense, and at the entrance, clothes, bags, and jewelry are displayed. It’s a space that not only sells books but also a variety of unique items.

“A Space to Overlook Seokchon Lake”

Through large windows, you can overlook Seokchon Lake, located to the south of Lotte World Mall. On a nice day, it might be nice to sit in the seats by the window, read a book, and enjoy the view of Seokchon Lake.

A bookstore you can find in Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, especially convenient to stop by when you have business to attend to inside the mall.

“Seoul Jamsil: Arc & Book in Lotte World Mall”