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Ara: The Unique Aquarium Café in Suwon Yeongtong

The Yeongtong area in Suwon is known for its bustling streets, attracting many visitors. Heading southeast from the lively Yeongtong Station square towards BanDal Park, nestled in a quiet neighborhood between Suwon Yeongtong and Kyung Hee University, you’ll discover a variety of small, charming cafes.

“Ara: The Aquarium Café Near Suwon Yeongtong Station”

Near BanDal Park, you’ll find an intriguing café with a distinctive atmosphere. Unlike your typical café, this place is adorned with an aquarium, which is why it’s aptly named the “Aquarium Café.”

In fact, it’s promoted as the “Aquarium Café,” where you can encounter various fish and even catch a glimpse of tiny, hard-to-spot sharks, creating a special ambiance.

“A Considerably Spacious Café: Café Ara”

When you think of a neighborhood café, you might imagine a small-scale venue. However, Café Ara transcends the typical scale of a neighborhood café. It boasts a fairly large layout, especially with its high ceilings, offering an open and airy environment.

One side features a space with comfortable bean bag seating, providing a relaxing spot to unwind with a cup of tea or coffee. During my visit, I particularly noticed couples spending time here. The bean bag sofas offer a comfortable space to lounge, enjoy the fish, and take a leisurely break.

“The Main Area with Tables”

The main area of the café is also designed in a more conventional café style, complete with tables and chairs. This makes it a great place to visit with friends, loved ones, or even on your own to work on a laptop or study in a pleasant atmosphere.

“Operated as a No-Kids Zone Café”

The café operates as a no-kids zone. This policy may be in place due to safety considerations, as the café features a small-scale aquarium. The exclusion of children ensures a calm and serene atmosphere.

Café Ara, with its distinctive ambiance and the opportunity to enjoy fish while sipping coffee, offers a special experience in the BanDal Park area near Suwon Yeongtong.

“Ara Aquarium Café in Suwon Yeongtong”

  • Address: 19 Cheongmyeong-ro 21-gil, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon
  • Phone: 031-211-5363
  • Parking: Free parking available on the road next to the park
  • Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri) 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM / (Sat-Sun) 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM