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Ansan Meat Restaurant & Galbitang Restaurant “Guyin Hanu Village”

In a somewhat remote area a little away from downtown Ansan, you can find a restaurant called “Guyin Hanu Village.” It can be considered a restaurant that is located in a place where you intentionally have to drive to. It’s not easy to visit without a car, and although it’s quite a distance from the city center, it’s a place that feels worth the effort to visit.

“Ansan Meat Restaurant & Galbitang Restaurant, Guyin Hanu Village”

“Guyin Hanu Village” is a restaurant where it’s essential to drive. Therefore, the store is also spacious, and there is plenty of parking space in the wide front yard.

Guyin Hanu Village is a meat restaurant, so you can grill meat, but it’s also fine to eat the Galbitang they sell here, even if you don’t grill the meat. You can have a hearty meal with the plentiful pieces of meat.

“A Spacious Venue with a Feel of a Highway Rest Area”

When you open the door and enter the store, you can see that there is quite a spacious area. It gives off a vibe similar to a highway rest area, and at a glance, it’s a place of a scale where over 100 people can dine at the same time.

On this day, I visited with a friend for dinner. It was quite late, but I could still see customers occupying tables.

“Menu at Guyin Hanu Village”

At Guyin Hanu Village, you can find various meat and meal menus. Since beef menu items are relatively expensive, it seems like a place where you can visit on special occasions to enjoy them. On the other hand, the meal menu is relatively affordable, so it seems like a place where you can visit frequently.

The menu at Guyin Hanu Village is as follows:


  • Sirloin (500g): KRW 130,000
  • Tenderloin (500g): KRW 130,000
  • Top Blade (500g): KRW 130,000
  • Rib Finger (500g): KRW 130,000
  • Sirloin (500g): KRW 120,000
  • Hanwoo Assorted Cuts (500g): KRW 90,000
  • Skirt Meat (500g): KRW 90,000
  • Flower Tenderloin (500g): KRW 90,000
  • Flat Iron (500g): KRW 90,000
  • Rib Eye (500g): KRW 100,000
  • Brisket Point (500g): KRW 60,000
  • Yuk Sashimi (Beef Sashimi): KRW 60,000
  • Yukhoe (Beef Tartare): KRW 30,000


  • Pork Belly (500g): KRW 30,000
  • Neck Pork (500g): KRW 30,000

“Meal Dishes”

  • King Galbitang (Beef Rib Soup): KRW 12,000
  • King Wookeo Galbitang (Beef Rib Soup with Oxtail): KRW 12,000
  • Yukhoe Bibimbap (Beef Tartare Bibimbap): KRW 15,000
  • Gomtang (Beef Bone Soup): KRW 15,000
  • Tail Gomtang (Tail Bone Soup): KRW 16,000
  • Hanwoo Sagol Yukgaejang (Hanwoo Beef and Vegetable Soup): KRW 10,000
  • Seolleongtang (Beef Bone Soup with Brisket Slices): KRW 10,000
  • Hanwoo Bulgogi (Marinated Beef): KRW 15,000
  • Woojoktang (Beef and Tripe Soup): KRW 15,000
  • Doenjang Siksa (Soybean Paste Stew): KRW 3,000/5,000
  • Rice: KRW 1,000
  • Siksa Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles in Broth/Bibim): KRW 8,000
  • Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles in Broth/Bibim): KRW 6,000

“Galbitang and Yukhoe Bibimbap”

Since I was quite hungry, I ordered Galbitang separately, and also ordered Yukhoe Bibimbap. It’s a combination where you can have a hearty meal even if you don’t necessarily eat meat.

Since there is plenty of meat in the Galbitang, after finishing the meal, you’ll feel like you’ve eaten heartily. Despite the effort it takes to get there, it’s a place that you won’t regret visiting, and it can be considered a recommended place for Ansan restaurants.

“Ansan Meat Restaurant & Galbitang Restaurant Guyin Hanu Village”

  • Address: 18 Saemal-gil, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do 15207
  • Phone number: 031-485-4885
  • Homepage: Link
  • Business hours: (Mon-Sat) 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Closed on Sundays