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Ansan Lakeside Park “Hwarang Amusement Park”

In Ansan, near Choji Station and Gojan Station, you can find Danwon District Office. Behind Danwon District Office, you’ll find Gyeonggi Museum of Art, which is located next to a small lakeside park called “Hwarang Amusement Park.”

Operated by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Gyeonggi Museum of Art is an art museum that collects contemporary artworks and hosts creative and contemporary art exhibitions.

Unfortunately, on the day of my visit, it was a regular holiday, so I couldn’t go inside and could only admire the exterior.

“Ansan Lakeside Park, Hwarang Amusement Park”

I came to see the Gyeonggi Museum of Art, but since it was a holiday, I took a walk around Hwarang Amusement Park located behind the museum. Although it may seem quite spacious for children to run around, it’s not so large that it would be overwhelming to walk around. It was a nice place for a leisurely stroll, and there were walking paths around the lakeside park, providing a safe environment for contemplative walks.

In about 30 minutes, you can take a leisurely walk around the park. Additionally, there are various sculptures around, so you can appreciate them while walking, which makes the stroll more enjoyable.

If Gyeonggi Museum of Art hadn’t been closed on that day, it would have offered even more to see. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit the museum due to the closure. However, if I have the opportunity in the future, it would be a good place to visit again.

“Ansan Hwarang Amusement Park”

  • Address: 268 Dongsan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, 15385
  • Phone: 031-487-7780