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Andong Special Snack ‘Hahoe Mask Bread’

Andong is well known as the birthplace of the ‘Hahoe Mask.’ The Hahoe Mask is considered one of the representative specialties of Andong. While masks are typically known for being worn on the face, there are also shops that turn them into snacks.

“A Snack Shaped Like the Hahoe Mask, Hahoe Mask Bread”

This snack, named ‘Hahoe Mask Bread,’ features the shape of the Hahoe Mask directly carved into the bread. You can find a shop selling Hahoe Mask Bread in front of Andong Station. It’s situated along a relatively main road, so it’s not too difficult to find.

“A Unique Snack Exclusive to Andong, Hahoe Mask Bread”

The Hahoe Mask Bread shop is displayed like a souvenir shop. The products are already packaged for gifting, so you can quickly make a purchase and be on your way, which is convenient for those on a tight travel schedule.

Inside the Hahoe Mask Bread, you may find either red bean paste or cream filling. Upon closer inspection, you can see slight variations in the shape of the Hahoe Mask. It appears there are various versions of the Hahoe Mask, and we chose the smallest gift set with 10 pieces, which was priced at 6,000 won. This set contained two flavors: red bean and cream, allowing us to taste two different varieties.

Made using the iconic ‘Hahoe Mask,’ a representative specialty of Andong, the Hahoe Mask Bread is an interesting snack. While its taste is similar to walnut cookies, the unique design is quite memorable.

“Hahoe Mask Bread in Andong”

  • Address: 8 Yeongga-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 36705, South Korea
  • Phone: 054-859-3203
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Website: https://mushroom.co.kr/main.htm