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Clapperboard “Shooting Slate”

A clapperboard, also known as a slate, is a filming tool used in the production of plays, broadcast programs, and other video content. When starting a shot, the clapperboard displays shooting information, which is written on it, in front of the camera. The top part of the clapperboard is then snapped down to make a distinctive “clap” sound.

Before making the sound, it is common practice to briefly read aloud the shooting information written on the clapperboard, ensuring that it gets recorded by the microphone.

“Essential for Recording Video and Audio Separately”

This tool is considered essential when recording video and audio separately. If the clapperboard is not used to clearly indicate to the editing team the moment when video and audio are synchronized, aligning the sync of the video recorded by the camera with the audio recorded by the microphone during video editing can be challenging.

Hence, another name for the clapperboard is “sound marker.”

“Also Useful as an Interior Decoration Item”

While the clapperboard is an essential tool for video shooting, it also serves as a versatile item for interior decoration. The design of the clapperboard itself carries a vintage feel but can also give a sophisticated touch. Despite the increasing prevalence of individual media creation, filmmaking remains a distant and mysterious realm for many individuals.

Typically, clapperboards can be purchased for as low as 3,000 won, but in some cases, prices can go above 20,000 won. The featured clapperboard is not a chalkboard type but rather a whiteboard style, providing a cleaner appearance.

The product is available on Coupang, and you can find it by clicking the following link:

  • Coupang “Clapperboard”: Link