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“Vegetable Chopping Tool ‘Slapchop'”

When cooking, chopping vegetables can be a time-consuming task, especially for those who are not skilled chefs. Using a knife might not be easy for everyone.

This time, we introduce a tool that makes chopping vegetables simple. This product, an old but enthusiastic pitch from a show host named “Vince,” gained more attention than the actual product itself.

“Show Host with the Nickname ‘Slapchop Guy'”

In the video, Vince passionately promotes the ‘Slapchop,’ showcasing his energetic pitch. He moves non-stop, almost as if rapping, actively promoting the product.

Impressed by his lively presentation, netizens have even created remix videos using this footage. Thanks to this, the original video has accumulated over 7 million views, while the remix version has surpassed 16 million views.

Slap Chop Original Video
Slap Chop Remix Version

“A Tool for Easily Chopping Vegetables: Slapchop”

The functionality of this product is simple: it allows for easy and safe chopping of vegetables. The key feature is its easy cleaning process.

It is priced at around $30 and can be purchased on Amazon.

  • Amazon “Slapchop”: Link