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“AliExpress Antique ‘Bronze Mirror'”

On AliExpress, you can find a wide variety of products. Among them, you may come across items that seem unlikely to be sold elsewhere.

This time, let’s take a look at an antique item available on AliExpress – the “Bronze Mirror.”

“The Bronze Mirror Available on AliExpress”

A bronze mirror seems like something you might find in history books or museums. In reality, it’s a product that is no longer in use. With far superior mirrors available now, bronze mirrors have faded into history.

However, it’s intriguing and amusing that you can find such items on AliExpress.

유튜버 “오닻”의 청동거울 폴리쉬 영상

“OhDot, a YouTuber, showcasing the polishing of a bronze mirror”

OhDot is a content creator who updates content related to activities like polishing old coins. In one of his YouTube videos, he demonstrates polishing a bronze mirror, mentioning that he purchased it from AliExpress. You can indeed find this product on AliExpress, and it’s priced at approximately $30, around 33,000 Korean won.

  • AliExpress “Bronze Mirror”: Link