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“Commando, the iPhone 11 PRO Case”

The newly introduced iPhone 11 PRO by Apple has garnered significant attention online. Its distinctive feature is the adoption of three cameras, deviating from the design of the previous series. While receiving criticism for its peculiar appearance, it has also inspired various parody works.

Among the noteworthy cases, one that stands out is the parody case inspired by the 1985 film “Commando,” in which Arnold Schwarzenegger starred. In a scene from the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character is depicted holding a rocket launcher, and the opening of the rocket launcher bears a resemblance to the camera setup on the iPhone 11 PRO. This resemblance sparked the creation of the parody case.

Arnold using the case.

Initially, someone may have added a composite photo for amusement, but later, the case was actually produced. What’s even more surprising is that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the lead actor of “Commando,” was seen using this case. He revealed his iPhone 11 PRO in front of reporters, creating a buzz as he showcased the Commando-inspired case.

The product is available on AliExpress at a price of approximately $3.5.