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“Three Kingdoms: Guan Yu & Red Hare Figure”

Guan Yu, a character from the Three Kingdoms, has transcended being a mere warrior and become revered as a deity. In China, Guan Yu is worshipped as a military god, and shrines dedicated to him can be found throughout the country.

In South Korea, there are also shrines dedicated to Guan Yu, and Dongmyo in Seoul is one such place where Guan Yu is worshipped.

“Three Kingdoms: Guan Yu & Red Hare”

Red Hare was originally a legendary steed given as a gift to Lü Bu by Dong Zhuo. Lü Bu and his famous steed, Red Hare, are often considered the most formidable warrior and horse duo in the Three Kingdoms period.

However, after Lü Bu’s death, Cao Cao gave Red Hare to Guan Yu, and the combination of Guan Yu and Red Hare became legendary.

“A figure of Guan Yu riding Red Hare”

This figure depicts Guan Yu riding Red Hare. While there aren’t many figures of Guan Yu, this particular artwork showcases Guan Yu on his famous steed.

The figure comes in various sizes, with prices varying accordingly. Smaller versions are more affordable, while larger ones can be more expensive. The available sizes, measured by height, include:

  • 14cm
  • 22cm
  • 26cm
  • 34cm
  • 47cm

This product is available on AliExpress, with prices ranging from approximately $24 to $535, depending on the size.

  • AliExpress “Guan Yu Riding Red Hare Statue”: Link