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“Three Kingdoms: Guan Yu Wooden Figure”

Guan Yu, a figure from the Three Kingdoms, has become more than just a warrior; he is revered as a deity. Temples dedicated to Guan Yu can be found throughout China, and in South Korea, Dongmyo in Seoul is one such place where Guan Yu is worshipped.

“Three Kingdoms: Guan Yu Wooden Figure”

On AliExpress, a variety of products can be found, including figures related to the Three Kingdoms. This time, let’s introduce a figure featuring “Guan Yu.”

While most figures are typically made of plastic, this particular product is crafted by carving “wood,” which is quite impressive. Given that it represents a historical figure, the use of wood seems fitting and adds a unique touch to the figure.

The product depicts Guan Yu holding the legendary weapon, the “Qinglong Yanyuedao,” and stands at a moderate size of 9cm in width and 20cm in height.

You can find this product on AliExpress, available for approximately $89.

  • AliExpress “Guan Yu Wooden Figure”: Link