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Board Game “Kingdoms”

The board game “Kingdoms” is set in a medieval fantasy world. While games with titles like “Kingdom” often imply complex structures, this game is relatively straightforward in its rules.

Objective of the Game: Build a Wealthy Empire

The goal of the game is surprisingly simple—construct a wealthy empire. Victory is achieved by acquiring more gold coins than the other players.

Components of the Board Game

  • Game Board: Comprising 30 squares arranged in a 6×5 grid.
  • 4 Types of Castles (for 4 players): 4 single-unit castles, 3 two-unit castles, 2 three-unit castles, and 1 four-unit castle.
  • Cards: Cards that can be placed on the game board (including special cards).


The game unfolds in three rounds, and after the third round concludes, players total their accumulated gold coins. The player with the most money emerges as the winner.

Each round follows this sequence, and when all 30 spaces on the game board are filled, the round concludes:

  • Players take turns, each performing one of the following actions per turn:
    • Place their owned castles on the game board.
    • Draw a card from the deck and place it where desired.
    • Place one card received at the beginning of the round. (Cards are randomly distributed at the start of each round.)
  • At the end of the round, profits are calculated by summing (+, -) values.
    • At the end of the round, level 1 castles can be reclaimed, but level 2-4 castles cannot.
    • The higher the castle level, the greater the multiplier.
  • After three rounds, final scores are tallied, determining the winner.
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