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Board Game “Warhammer: Invasion”

Warhammer, produced by the renowned UK game publisher Games Workshop, is well-known for its diverse game series, particularly in the realm of Sci-Fi miniature games.

“Warhammer: Invasion,” born as a board game, is also rooted in wargaming, focusing on war-themed gameplay.

Expansive World of Warhammer:

The Warhammer universe is incredibly vast, giving rise to various games based on its extensive lore.

Warhammer: Invasion is a game in the Living Card Game (LCG) format, featuring card-based combat. As a reference, another notable game in the LCG format is “Magic: The Gathering.”

Diverse Cards with Unique Races and Traits:

Given the nature of wargaming played with cards, understanding the various card types can be challenging. Fortunately, this game comes with pre-packaged cards, allowing players to engage using the provided cards.

While expansion packs are available for additional cards, the base deck alone is complex enough. It might not be highly recommended for beginners, considering its intricacies.

Approximately 5-6 races make an appearance, each with cards possessing unique characteristics. The hallmark of wargaming lies in strategically constructing tactics based on the traits of each race.

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Three Defensive Strongholds; Victory by Destroying Two:

The victory conditions in Warhammer: Invasion are straightforward. Each faction has three defensive strongholds, and the first to destroy two claims victory.

Once a unit is placed in a defensive stronghold, it cannot move elsewhere, or for some units that can move, additional constraints may apply, requiring thoughtful placement.

Furthermore, each defensive stronghold offers specific advantages:

  • Capital: Improved resource income.
  • Quest Zone: Acquire more cards per turn.
  • Battlefield: Launch attacks towards the opponent’s stronghold.

With diverse traits for each race and a variety of unit cards based on these traits, the game offers depth, making it particularly suitable for those who enjoy war or battle-themed games.

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