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Board Game “Slamwich”

There’s a simple and fun board game called “Slamwich.” It’s a game that involves both quick thinking and reflexes, centered around the concept of making sandwiches.

“Game Progression with Sandwich-shaped Cards”:

This game can be described as a memory game using sandwich-shaped cards. As it requires both quick thinking and dexterity, it can also be considered a “dexterity game.”

Before starting the game, players receive an equal number of sandwich-shaped cards. The cards are placed face down in front of each player.

Once the game begins, players take turns placing one of their cards into a shared deck at the center. When a specific situation arises, players can slap the deck and shout the corresponding phrase to claim the cards.

The Cards

Game Objective:

The goal of the game is to acquire all the sandwich-shaped cards that other players have. To claim a card, one of the following situations must occur, and the player must slap the deck while shouting the corresponding phrase.

  • Slamwich: When an ingredient that appeared before comes up again (but not consecutively). Example: If Tomato – Lettuce – Tomato appears, you can call Slamwich.
  • Double Decker: When the same card appears consecutively. Example: Tomato – Tomato.
  • Stop Thief: When a Thief card appears.

Types of Cards:

The cards generally contain ingredients needed to make a sandwich, such as Jam, Peanut Butter, Tomato, Cucumber, Sausage, Egg, Cheese, Bell Pepper, and more.

However, there are special cards:

  • Thief: When a Thief appears, instead of Slamwich, players shout “Stop Thief” and can claim the cards by touching the deck.
  • Muncher: These cards have numbers on them. When a Muncher card appears, the next player must play an additional number of cards equal to the number on the Muncher.

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