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“Bamboo Wireless Mouse & Keyboard”

Generally, the idea of making electronic devices out of wood is not something that crosses our minds. If you look around, finding electronic devices made entirely of wood is not an easy task.

Especially for electronic devices like a “computer,” it might be hard to imagine making it out of wood. However, upon closer inspection, there are unique products that fit this description.

“Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Made of Bamboo”

There are wireless mouse and keyboard sets made entirely of bamboo. The keyboard follows a tenkeyless design, excluding the right numeric keypad.

Aside from that, there isn’t a significant difference from other typical keyboard and mouse products. The distinctive feature lies in the fact that these products are crafted from “natural bamboo.”

Made from bamboo aged approximately 4-6 years, these products operate on AAA batteries. They can be used wirelessly, and you can connect them to your computer using a USB dongle.

It’s quite an unusual and fascinating product, being crafted from natural bamboo. You can find this product on AliExpress. The price is approximately $18 for the mouse only, and if you purchase the mouse and keyboard set, it’s around $43. Click the link below to check out the product.