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“Cute Cat Shaped Night Light”

These days, you can find various designs of night lights. By combining them well, you can elevate the atmosphere of your home to a new level.

Let’s introduce a cute cat-shaped night light this time.

“Cute Cat Character Night Light”

The night light, featuring the adorable expressions of a cat, is not very large, standing at approximately 10cm in height. It prominently displays a cute cat with various facial expressions.

There are three facial expressions available: “Smile,” “Lovely,” and “Clever.” The light operates with three AAA-sized batteries, and it offers seven different colors.

You can purchase the product individually or buy a set of three different expressions. The price for one night light is around $7, which is approximately ₩7,000 to ₩8,000 in Korean won.

You can find this product on AliExpress. Click the link below to visit the product page.