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“Levitating Bonsai Pot: Air Bonsai”

Bonsai refers to the hobby of cultivating small trees, moss, or grass in a pot or the tree itself that undergoes such activities.

Typically, pots are mostly rooted in the ground. However, there have been innovations in the world of pots.

“Levitating Pot: Air Bonsai”

When translated into Japanese, bonsai is read as “Bonsai.” There has been a project in Japan that aimed to make pots levitate. It was carried out through crowdfunding, focusing on the concept of levitation. Now, the result is available for purchase in online stores.

Air Bonsai 소개 영상

“Levitation Using the Principles of Magnets”

The principle behind the levitating pot involves the use of magnets. Now, it’s not just about growing plants in pots; it’s about floating them in the air.

Prices start from $50, and the product is available on Amazon and AliExpress.

  • Amazon “Air Bonsai”: Link
  • AliExpress “Air Bonsai”: Link