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“Yukmi Sikdang DaeChi Branch,” a meat restaurant near Seolleung Station

Yukmi Sikdang, written with the characters for “meat” and “beautiful taste,” was named with the intention of enhancing the taste of the meat.

You can find Yukmi Sikdang on the first floor. If you follow the road from Exit 1 of Seolleung Station and turn into an alley, you’ll find it. On the second floor, there is a Hong Kong-style restaurant operated by Baek Jong-won, a famous chef.

“Enhancing the taste of the meat, Yukmi Sikdang”

The menu you can find at Yukmi Sikdang consists of various meat dishes. They offer cuts like fresh pork belly, Iberico emperor pork, prime beef ribs, and Iberico snowflake marbled pork.

Since these meats are mainly grilled in the evening, they are served as dinner options. During the daytime, they typically offer separate lunch menus, as people tend to have lighter meals.

“A restaurant offering lunch menus”

For lunch, they offer four main menu options as listed below. Adding spicy pork or grilled mackerel, or opting for a quarter piece incurs additional charges. Rice and side dishes are refillable.

  • Spicy Pork Belly Rice Set: KRW 9,000
  • Chuck-flavored Soybean Paste Stew Rice Set: KRW 9,000
  • Grilled Mackerel Rice Set: KRW 9,000
  • Yukmi Kimchi Stew Rice Set: KRW 9,000

Considering the recent rise in prices, the lunch menu prices are quite reasonable. It’s a meal that costs less than KRW 10,000 for one person.

“Chuck-flavored Soybean Paste Stew Rice Set: KRW 9,000”

On this visit, I contemplated what to order and decided on the Chuck-flavored Soybean Paste Stew Rice Set. I wanted to have a simple meal with the comforting taste of soybean paste stew.

The basic side dishes, a piece of grilled mackerel, and the main dish, Chuck-flavored Soybean Paste Stew, are served. It feels like a generous portion of meat is included, perhaps because it’s a soybean paste stew served in a meat restaurant.

I didn’t have the opportunity to taste the meat since I visited during the daytime, but I thought it would be a good place to visit on a day when I’m craving meat around Seolleung Station.

“Seoul Seolleung Station Meat Restaurant, Yukmi Sikdang DaeChi Branch”

  • Address: 22, Seolleung-ro 76-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 1st Floor
  • Phone Number: 02-501-9295
  • Business Hours: (Mon-Sat) 11:00 – 24:00