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Yonsei University Seoul: Scenes from the 2023 Graduation Ceremony

In South Korea, schools hold graduation ceremonies at the end of February each year. This means that you can commonly witness the lively scenes of congratulatory celebrations at various university campuses.

By the end of February, flower shops line the streets in front of schools, and the campus is filled with students wearing graduation gowns, taking commemorative photos. You can enjoy the energetic atmosphere unique to graduation ceremonies, with parents, families, and friends bustling around to congratulate the graduates.

“Seoul Yonsei University: Scenes from the 2023 Graduation Ceremony”

Living in Yeonhui-dong, I naturally find myself visiting Yonsei University from time to time. In fact, it’s quite common for me to pass through Yonsei University while taking a bus or subway for my daily commute.

As a result, I indirectly learn about seasonal events, activities, and functions at the university. Even if I forget the date, I can sense what kind of event is happening based on the atmosphere around me.

Yonsei University’s graduation ceremony officially takes place on February 27th. The entire university holds a degree conferral ceremony, and individual colleges also hold their own degree conferral ceremonies. However, when graduation season arrives, you can see crowds of students visiting the campus on weekends, wearing graduation gowns and taking commemorative photos ahead of the ceremony.

“The Blue Graduation Gown and Yonsei University Campus”

Yonsei University, along with Seoul National University and Korea University, is one of the top universities known as the “SKY” trio. Especially through annual rivalry events like “Yeonkonjeon” or “Ko-Yeonjeon,” it maintains a competitive relationship with Korea University. The symbolic color for Korea University is red, and for Yonsei University, it’s blue.

Thanks to this, even the graduation gowns at Yonsei University are adorned in blue. I could see crowds of people wearing the blue graduation gowns capturing memories all around the campus.

“I Intended to Take a Campus Walk, but…”

Actually, this day brought a rare spring weather to Seoul. So, I planned to take a leisurely stroll around the campus, capturing photos of the scenery. However, unintentionally, I ended up taking photos of the graduation ceremony instead.

As I enjoyed the warm spring weather and explored various corners of the campus, memories of the past came flooding back. Back when I knew nothing, I used to walk along Baekyang Road, following other test-takers, and take exams at Jonghap Building. The scenery from that day vividly comes to mind. Of course, time has passed, and the campus has changed a bit..

“Reflecting on the 2023 Graduation and Ceremony”

In a way, these Yonsei University graduates may have no direct connection to me. However, seeing these students who are now stepping into society after graduating, I can’t help but feel like cheering them on.

There may not have been a time as tough as the current job market freeze. Of course, even when I graduated, the job market was tough, and the economy wasn’t great. However, comparing it to now, it seems relatively smoother.

It wasn’t easy back then either, but looking at it now, it seems incomparable. Anyway, I hope these young people, who have just graduated and are starting a new life, can muster their strength.

“Seoul Sinchon Yonsei University, 2023 Graduation Ceremony”