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Yongtack Kim and 6 others “To the world, maybe to ourselves”

The book titled “To the World, Maybe to Myself: 49 Stories of 7 People in This Age” is a collection of seven stories written by seven people, each of whom wrote seven stories they wanted to write.

The authors of the book are Hong Se-hwa, Kim Yong-taek, Lee Chung-geol, Park Chan-il, Min-sin, Song Ho-chang, and Ban Lee-jung. The poet Kim Yong-taek is relatively well-known, but the rest of the writers are not so well known.

This book is a collection of seven different stories written by unfamiliar authors, and I was able to learn about their lives. Because the seven writers have different colors, you can get a completely different feeling from their writing style to the stories they tell. It is a single book, but it feels like reading seven books.

“Poet Kim Yong-taek: Stories about Nature”

Poet Kim Yong-taek’s writings take the first place. In the case of poet Kim Yong-taek, he is a Korean “ecological literature” writer, and his stories are all about praising nature from beginning to end. In addition, they don’t just praise nature, but tell stories of living together in nature.

Thanks to this, I was able to feel cozy and return to my childhood while reading Yong-taek Kim’s writing. In the modern world, where most people live in cities, it is refreshing to read stories about people living in “nature” as they did in the past.

“Lee Chung-geol’s work contains a critical feeling”

Lee Chung-gul’s text, which follows Yong-taek’s, has a completely different color from Yong-taek’s. This book is full of critical color, which is completely different from Kim Yong-taek’s soothing writing. It’s daydreamy and dark at the same time.

“Professor of Parasitology, Min Seo”

Professor Min Seo is one of the leading experts in the field of parasitology. In this book, the author describes how he fell in love with the unfamiliar field of parasitology after graduating from medical school, and how he came to specialize in it, and how he blames himself for his not-so-great appearance.

“The Story of Politician Song Ho-chang”

The story that Mr. Song Ho-chang tells is about “politics”. Because it is written by a person who is active in politics, it contains more realistic content about politics. He also describes his own experiences as a political novice. The best depiction of politics, he says, is an American drama called “The West Wing”.

“The Story of Chef Park Chan-il”

The next story is by chef Park Chan-il. This is a book about cooking written by a working chef, so it contains interesting facts about the culinary world.

There are stories about pork cheeks and ears being used as ingredients for carbonara, and a rationalization for animal oil.

“The story of Hong Se-hwa, a journalist and social activist”

The next story is by Hong Se-hwa, a journalist and social activist. He graduated from Gyeonggi High School and attended an elite course at Seoul National University, but his involvement in politics led him to live in exile in France, and it took him 20 years to return to Korea.

“The Story of Art Critic Lee Jung Ban”

The last story is by Ms. Ban, who is an art critic. The first story is about daydreaming, and it stimulates the imagination.

Another thing that resonated with me from the writers was that no matter how much you write, the pain of creating never goes away.

This book contains seven different stories told by seven different authors, each with their own color, for a total of 49 different stories. Each story is not very long, so it is a light-hearted book.

“To the World, Maybe to Myself: 49 Stories of Seven People in This Age”

  • Authors : Sehwa Hong, Yongtaek Kim, Chunggeol Lee, Chanil Park, Minjoon Shin, Hochang Song, Lee Jung Ban
  • Publication date: July 15, 2013
  • ISBN13 : 9788992533546
  • Yes24 : http://app.ac/K3P2jsJ93