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Yeonhui-dong Gimbap Restaurant: Yeonhui Gimbap Main Branch, Seoul

Nowadays, you can find gimbap restaurants with the name “Yeonhui Gimbap” all over Seoul. It has transformed into a franchise where you can experience the same taste in various locations.

The original and main branch of Yeonhui Gimbap can be found in Yeonhui-dong. It operates in a very small space and can be found in an alley behind the “Saruga Mart,” which oversees shopping in Yeonhui-dong.

“Yeonhui-dong Gimbap Restaurant: Yeonhui Gimbap Main Branch”

Yeonhui Gimbap can be considered a representative gimbap restaurant of Yeonhui-dong. The fact that the neighborhood name is included in the name leaves a natural association with “gimbap” when thinking of Yeonhui-dong.

Yeonhui Gimbap started in a very small store. Instead of setting up tables inside, it’s a small gimbap restaurant where you can see them diligently making gimbap in a kitchen that’s been enlarged instead of placing tables.

Due to the narrow space, you can’t dine in at Yeonhui Gimbap. It’s a restaurant where takeout is the only option. Considering that gimbap is a menu that can be easily eaten anywhere at any time, the takeout-only option feels quite natural.

“Diverse Menu of Yeonhui Gimbap”

Yeonhui Gimbap offers a variety of gimbap menus. While the menus are diverse, they all share the commonality of being “gimbap.”

From the basic “Yeonhui Gimbap” to popular and well-selling options like “Spicy Squid Gimbap,” you can also find unique items like “Wild Chive Gimbap” that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

  • Yeonhui Gimbap: ₩3,000
  • Small Gimbap: ₩1,000
  • Cheese Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Tuna Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Small Squid Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Green Pepper Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Squid Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Spicy Anchovy Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Braised Fishcake Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Beef Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Healthy Wild Chive Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Anchovy Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Ham Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Braised Fishcake Gimbap: ₩4,000
  • Wild Chive Gimbap: ₩4,500

Since the restaurant offers such a wide range of menu options, even though it’s gimbap, there’s a fun aspect in choosing. During this visit, I debated on what to eat and ended up ordering Yeonhui Gimbap and Anchovy Gimbap.

While gimbap is often considered a quick meal, with Yeonhui Gimbap, it feels like you can also savor the taste.

In the past, there was a trend of cheap gimbap restaurants, but recently, there’s a trend of more premium gimbap restaurants with higher quality. Yeonhui Gimbap can be considered a pioneer of these premium gimbap places, and in a way, it seems to have anticipated the times.

Yeonhui Gimbap isn’t only found in Yeonhui-dong, but has become a gimbap restaurant that can be found all over Seoul. Interestingly, within Yeonhui-dong, you can find Yeonhui Gimbap in several places. In addition to the main branch, you can find another Yeonhui Gimbap very close to Saruga Mart.

“Seoul, Yeonhui-dong Gimbap Restaurant: Yeonhui Gimbap Main Branch”

  • Address: 2 Yeonhui-ro 11-gagil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-323-8090
  • Closed on Wednesdays