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“Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald is a familiar name to the public. His masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby,” has been adapted into a movie and was already considered a classic before its film adaptation.

Another work that garnered attention when adapted into a film is “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which is also by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

“Before ‘The Great Gatsby,’ There Was ‘Winter Dreams'”

Before F. Scott Fitzgerald introduced his seminal work “The Great Gatsby” to the world, he wrote a similar-style piece titled “Winter Dreams.”

Due to its brevity, finding this novel as a standalone work might be challenging. One would have to search through collections of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short stories. Titled “Winter Dreams,” this work captures a sentiment that may not be fully conveyed by its literal translation to “겨울의 꿈,” hence why the author chose to translate it as “한 겨울의 꿈.”

“A Work Sharing Similar Structure and Content with ‘The Great Gatsby'”

This work mirrors the structure and content of the novel “The Great Gatsby,” portraying a tale of unrequited love.

The protagonist, Dexter Green, falls for Judy Jones. Judy Jones is depicted as a character embodying all the traits of a femme fatale, yet despite this, Dexter Green becomes increasingly infatuated with her, striving to win her over.

As he achieves success in business and amasses wealth, Dexter remains disillusioned by his inability to possess Judy Jones. Nevertheless, he continues to pursue her relentlessly.

She remains elusive, and Dexter’s love for her remains unfulfilled. He pursues her almost obsessively, like a dream of winter…

“Set Against the Backdrop of the 1920s Jazz Age”

F. Scott Fitzgerald lived during the 1920s in America, commonly referred to as the “Jazz Age,” a period marked by economic growth and the transition to modern society.

While material wealth abounded and society thrived, it was also a time of spiritual poverty. Despite material abundance, there was a lack of cultural development, and society seemed to prioritize indulgence and extravagance.

Efforts were made to address societal contradictions, such as the introduction of prohibition laws, which ironically led to an increase in illegal alcohol trade, exacerbating the pursuit of excess and pleasure.

Additionally, this era saw the emergence of “New Women” following the recognition of women’s suffrage.

“Representative of the Jazz Age New Woman: Judy Jones”

Judy Jones, the female protagonist in the work, epitomizes the New Woman of this era. She represents a departure from the traditional “Angel at Home” image of 18th-century women, boldly asserting her freedom.

Her image, characterized by alcohol, tobacco, makeup, and skirts, closely resembles the depiction of Judy Jones in the work. Judy Jones exudes a fatal charm, indifferent to morality, typical of the New Women of the 1920s.

She nonchalantly breaks promises and engages in deceit under the guise of marriage, portraying a character lacking in morality yet possessing a lethal charm that ensnares men.

“Wealthy but Emotionally Immature Men”

The protagonist of the work is Dexter Green, whose name hints at his character:

  • Dexter: Skillful – He possesses the skill to amass wealth.
  • Green: Immature – Emotionally immature.

While Dexter excels in earning wealth, he is depicted as emotionally immature. Ultimately, his immaturity leads him to easily fall prey to female seduction and struggle to break free. He fails to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

“Human Desires Portrayed Admirably, Judgment Reserved for the Reader”

F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays human desires admirably but refrains from making judgments. Judgment is left to the reader.

By withholding moral judgment, he provides readers with ample food for thought, embodying the typical style of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works.

Perhaps it is his skillful portrayal of individuals pursuing fiery love and sacrificing everything to obtain it that earns F. Scott Fitzgerald acclaim as an author.

“Winter Dreams”

  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Publication Date: November 27, 2023
  • ISBN13: 9788937429965
  • Yes24 Link: http://app.ac/8ErCEVS13