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“Welcome! Cabin Service” by Jung Jong-min

As graduation approached and the time to find employment drew near, until stepping into a company directly, there was little opportunity to know much about the world of professions. Therefore, one could only indirectly experience through books. Although I had never considered becoming a flight attendant, I naturally came across books related to flight attendants since they were readily available in the library.

“Welcome! Cabin Service” is also a book that contains information about flight attendants. It was published in 2006, so it’s quite a bit in the past from now. While time has passed, the job of a flight attendant hasn’t changed much from the past to the present. So, if you’re interested in the profession of a flight attendant, it might be worth reading the book.

“A Book with an Essay-Like Feeling Written by Flight Attendants”

This book is in the form of essays written by flight attendants. Perhaps because it was written by someone who majored in “Korean literature,” as stated in the book, it gives a light feeling compared to books written by others. However, it’s not just light; it also feels like it’s conveying experiences and know-how from everyday life.

“Moments of Truth”

“Moment of Truth” is a term commonly used in the service industry. It refers to the final moment when a bullfighter confronts a bull one-on-one in the bullring. The moment when the bullfighter thrusts the sword into the bull’s heart, and if he misses, he could be killed, is called the “moment of truth.”

Similarly, companies also face crucial moments where the fate of the company’s image is at stake, like a bullfighter. From a marketing perspective, these moments are called “moments of truth.” Since customer perception of a company’s service is largely influenced within a short moment of about 15 seconds, service is a task that cannot be taken lightly even for a moment.

“Southwest Airlines’ Humor Management”

Although not mentioned in this book, I came across information about Southwest Airlines’ humor management in other similar books. Ultimately, such attempts can be seen as efforts to greet the “moments of truth” faced when dealing with customers.

“The First Flight Attendant was Male, and the First Female Flight Attendant was a Nurse.”

Currently, when you think of flight attendants, the image of “women” often comes to mind first. Especially in the case of Korean airlines, it’s well known for hiring young and beautiful women. However, the first flight attendant was male, and the first female flight attendant was a nurse. In case of problems on a flight, nurses or men may have an advantage in handling situations. Especially in the case of medical emergencies, having a flight attendant with a nursing background would be more reassuring.

“Leonardo da Vinci, who also wrote aircraft designs.”

Leonardo da Vinci, who was talented in various arts, was also interested in various scientific technologies. He was interested in flying, and even wrote “aircraft designs.” Although the book introduces that Leonardo da Vinci was interested in “airplanes,” you can also find information about “da Vinci” who was interested in various scientific technologies at the “Pinocchio and Da Vinci” theme park located behind Petite France in Gapyeong.

“Domestic and Foreign Airlines Information”

In the latter part of the book, information about domestic and foreign airlines is compiled. Although it was written based on information from 2006, so there may be some differences from now, simply knowing the names could be helpful. Here’s a summary of the airlines introduced in the book:

  1. Korean Air
  2. Asiana Airlines
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Malaysia Airlines
  5. Cathay Pacific
  6. Philippine Airlines
  7. Thai Airways International
  8. China Eastern Airlines
  9. Air France
  10. British Airways
  11. Lufthansa
  12. Emirates Airlines
  13. Northwest Airlines

A collection of essays written by someone who worked as a flight attendant, this book is a good read for understanding the daily life and thoughts of flight attendants. Not only does it include simple experiences, but it also organizes information and know-how, making it easy to obtain information about flight attendants.

Although it’s a book that was written quite a while ago from the current standpoint, the essence of the flight attendant job hasn’t changed. Therefore, it’s a good book for those interested in the world of flight attendants to read lightly.

“Welcome! Cabin Service”