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Ven. Beopjeong: “Flowers Bloom on the Mountain”

Ven. Beopjeong, well-known for his book “Emptiness,” can be regarded as one of the leading figures of his time. In an era dominated by materialism, his book “Emptiness” gained immense popularity as it introduced a life beyond worldly pursuits, focusing on attaining freedom of the mind.

As a middle school student at the time, the author could indirectly grasp Ven. Beopjeong’s attitude and thoughts on life through reading “Emptiness.” Even now, there are several aspects of the book that resonate deeply, particularly the notion of owning only one possession. Understanding that having multiple possessions only leads to clutter and mental unrest rather than contentment was profoundly relatable.

“Ven. Beopjeong’s Authorship, Edited by Ryu Sihwa: ‘Flowers Bloom on the Mountain’”

“Flowers Bloom on the Mountain,” written by Ven. Beopjeong and edited by poet Ryu Sihwa, echoes the themes found in “Emptiness.” It provides an opportunity to reflect on how one should live and what one should pursue.

Currently, everything is overflowing. Possessing too much can become problematic, as the desire for more knows no bounds. Hence, wisdom is needed to let go of such desires.

This wisdom accumulates gradually through one’s daily attitudes and actions. Just as small things come together to create something significant, every major endeavor starts with something minor.

“The Effort to Reduce Possessions”

Thanks to exposure to “Emptiness” during childhood, the author has been striving to live a life of minimalism. While efforts are made to acquire knowledge and wisdom, there is a simultaneous need to minimize material possessions. Life naturally accumulates possessions over time, but it’s essential to boldly discard what is deemed unnecessary.

“Only One Thing Is Necessary…”

As mentioned earlier, one of the author’s deeply resonating sentiments from Ven. Beopjeong is the notion that only one thing is necessary. Having multiple possessions leads to a scattered mind and reduced attachment to the one essential item.

If one needs a writing instrument, it’s wiser to possess only the one necessary item rather than multiple. While it may seem daunting to live as Ven. Beopjeong did, in a remote mountainous area of Gangwon Province, with no electricity or modern amenities, the author aims to embody his wisdom from the current position. Living with a mindset of not complaining about the present while simultaneously avoiding excessive greed aligns with Ven. Beopjeong’s teachings. Perhaps true freedom lies in living in a state where one can depart at any moment, much like a traveler.

“Flowers Bloom on the Mountain”

  • Author: Ven. Beopjeong (written), Ryu Sihwa (edited)
  • Publication Date: April 25, 2009
  • ISBN13: 9788995904992
  • Yes24 Link: http://app.ac/rj6Dgsa03