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Today at Apple: ‘Jamsil: Photo Walk (Framing for Architectural Photography)’

At the Apple Store, there’s a session called “Today at Apple.” It’s a small, free seminar offered by Apple that covers topics like how to use Apple devices or sessions where you can create something using specific applications.

When you visit the Apple Store, you can see sessions taking place in designated spaces. Especially at the Myeongdong Apple Store, being a flagship store, sessions are conducted on an even larger scale.

“Apple Store Jamsil: Today at Apple”

The Jamsil Apple Store operates on a smaller scale compared to the Myeongdong branch. This makes it less intimidating for participants. It seems that up to 5-6 people can participate in one session.

During the session, unlike the bustling atmosphere at Myeongdong, the Jamsil store conducts sessions in a way that is more discreet and limited to the immediate area.

“Photo Walk: Framing for Architectural Photography”

The session I participated in this time was called “Photo Walk: Framing for Architectural Photography.” As the name suggests, it’s a time to explore how to take interesting architectural photos. The session involves using an iPhone to take photos.

The session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Instead of immediately going outside to take photos, we first reviewed the basic content. After familiarizing ourselves with the fundamentals like angles, lighting, and composition, we thought about how to apply them in practical situations. Then we went outside to actually take photos.

“Learning the Basics of Photography”

Inside the Apple Store, we started by learning the basics using materials prepared by the session instructor. After grasping the basic concepts like angles, lighting, and composition, we considered how to apply them in real-world situations. This was followed by going outside to take actual photos.

On the day I participated, it was raining. On days when it’s not raining, participants go outside to take photos. However, on this day, we couldn’t go outside due to the rain, so we explored various spots in the Lotte World Mall building, each capturing unique photos.

“Time to Appreciate Each Other’s Photos”

After the practical photo shoot, we each submitted our two best photos. Then, we wrapped up the session. We returned to the Apple Store and took turns looking at the submitted photos. We listened to the photographer’s thoughts on why they took the photos and shared our own insights.

The two photos I submitted were taken of the ceiling of the Lotte World Mall escalator and a bridge connecting Lotte World Mall and Lotte World Avenue, facing Seokchon Lake.

I happened to look up at the ceiling of the Lotte World Mall escalator and noticed that the shape resembled an iPhone case, so I captured it in the moment. As for the photo taken facing Seokchon Lake, it was raining, but only one side of the glass was wet, creating an interesting contrast. Unfortunately, there was nothing on the Seokchon Lake side, which was a bit disappointing. To address this, I used my hand to create a smudge on the glass using my body heat before taking the photo.

It was a time where I contemplated not taking photos in the same style as usual. By hearing about what kind of photos others took in the same space and the reasons behind them, I was able to expand my perspective on photography.

Above all, the fact that the sessions are offered for free makes it easy to participate without any pressure. The process to participate is simple. You can pre-book a session through the Apple Store website or application and attend.

“Seoul Jamsil, Apple Store Jamsil”