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The View of Lotte World Tower from Namsan Park (Photo)

N Seoul Tower, located on the summit of Namsan Mountain in the center of Seoul, is one of the landmarks representing the city and a popular tourist attraction.

I occasionally visit N Seoul Tower and hike up. On the day of my recent visit, the weather was exceptionally clear. It was a day with almost no fine dust, resulting in an extended visibility range, making it a special day where I could see far into the distance.

“The Refreshing Panorama of Seoul at a Glance”

Due to the clear weather, the photos turned out well, and the actual scenery I saw with my own eyes was also fantastic. Being up high, looking down at the Seoul landscape, it was a day where my previously constrained heart felt as if it had been opened wide.

“Lotte World Tower Viewed from Namsan Park”

Thanks to the exceptionally clear weather, when I looked towards Jamsil from Namsan Park, I could even visually confirm “Jamsil Lotte World Tower.” Although the distance was quite far, it wasn’t a perfectly clear view. Nonetheless, on a day with good weather, you can capture Lotte World Tower from Namsan Park even without using a telephoto lens.

Of course, with a telephoto lens, you would be able to capture an even sharper image of Lotte World Tower.