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“The Stories of 9 of the World’s Greatest Game Creators”

As a senior in college, in the second semester of my fourth year, it was time to submit resumes to various companies in preparation for employment. Remembering my past experience with games, I decided to earnestly apply to a gaming company and pursued that plan.

As I considered employment in a gaming company, I naturally began searching for various books related to games. This book is one I came across during that process.

“A book containing various stories about figures in game development.”

Actually, while the title of this book is “The Stories of 9 of the World’s Greatest Game Creators,” the number of individuals featured in the book exceeds 9. This is because while there are 9 main figures, the book also introduces one or two individuals similar to them.

When primarily Western game developers are introduced, the format shifts to introduce Japanese or Korean game developers who are similar to them.

“8 Honored in the Hall of Fame of the Game Academy”

Of the 9 main figures featured in this book, all except for the last one introduced, “Bill Roper,” have been honored in the Hall of Fame of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. There is an opinion that Bill Roper’s achievements are slightly lacking compared to the other 8 individuals, which may be why he has not been honored in the Hall of Fame yet. However, as time goes on and he accumulates more achievements, Bill Roper may also be honored in the Hall of Fame.

“The 9 Game Developers Featured in the Book”

The main game developers highlighted in the book, along with Japanese and Korean developers, are as follows:

  1. Miyamoto Shigeru: Development of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda series
  2. Lee Wonsul: Development of Astonia Story
  3. Sid Meier: Development of Civilization series
  4. Erica Yoji: Development of Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, Age of Empires series
  5. Kim Taegon: Development of Geosang, Lord Online
  6. Sakaguchi Hironobu: Development of Final Fantasy series
  7. Hori Yuji: Development of Dragon Quest series
  8. Choi Yeongyu: Development of Genesis
  9. John Carmack: Development of Doom, Quake series
  10. Tim Sweeney: Development of Unreal series
  11. Song Jaekyung: Development of Wind’s Realm, Lineage
  12. Will Wright: Development of SimCity series, The Sims series
  13. Seo Gwanhee: Development of Pangya and other games
  14. Suzuki Yu: Development of Virtua Fighter series
  15. Bae Jaehyun: Development of Lineage 2
  16. Peter Molyneux: Pioneer of real-time strategy simulation, simulation, and God Game
  17. Kojima Hideo: Development of Metal Gear Solid
  18. Cho Giyong: Development of MU
  19. Richard Garriott: Development of Ultima series
  20. Kim Hakkoo: Development of Ragnarok
  21. Okamoto Yoshiki: Development of Street Fighter series
  22. Bill Roper: Development of Diablo 1, 2, Warcraft, Starcraft
  23. Jung Sangwon

Looking at the list of games above, you can easily find legendary games that you can recognize just by their names. Most of them have made a mark on their era, and some of the games still have a large following even today.

The book unfolds the stories of the main 9 game creators, their representative works, the development process of those games, and stories about the developers’ lives. It’s a book that even people who are not majoring in game development can easily understand.

A common trait that stands out among most of these great developers is that they were good at “mathematics” and had “passion” for their work.

Especially noteworthy are the developers who pioneered each genre of game and held a unique position in their field, akin to fathers. Without exceptional passion surpassing that of the average person, they would not have achieved what they did.

If you want to delve into the detailed stories of each developer, I recommend reading the book.

“The Stories of 9 of the World’s Greatest Game Creators”

  • Authors: Kim Jeong-nam, Kim Jeong-hyeon
  • Publication Date: January 25, 2006
  • ISBN13: 9788972807445
  • Yes24: http://app.ac/iACGAb593