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The Future of Apple, Timothy Cook

Steve Jobs, who founded Apple and was ousted from the management team in the middle, returned to Apple in crisis and led Apple into the ranks of world-class companies. Steve Jobs, who suddenly passed away from pancreatic cancer, eventually left the world.

After the departure of Steve Jobs, Timothy Cook took over as CEO. Since being appointed as CEO, Timothy Cook has exerted tremendous influence and has kept Apple as one of the top 1-2 companies in the world. Now, Timothy Cook is considered a successful CEO, but after being appointed to succeed Steve Jobs, many had a negative view of Apple’s prospects.

“The first book to deal with Timothy Cook”

This book seems to have been written with foresight before Steve Jobs left the world and Timothy Cook took over as CEO. Despite including all overseas books, there were no other books that dealt with Timothy Cook, the next CEO of Apple, before this book was published.

After this book was published, books dealing with Timothy Cook began to appear one after another, but before this book was published, there were no books dealing with Timothy Cook in any language.

From that perspective, the fact that this book, which is not written in English in the United States, but in Korean, contains the first book on Timothy Cook is quite impressive. Although Korea and the United States are in an alliance, they are geographically distant, so the fact that Korea highlighted Timothy Cook, a figure from Apple in Silicon Valley, which can be considered the center of the global IT industry, is significant.

“Apple and Timothy Cook: A Quiet but Solid Manager”

The content introduced in the book is about Timothy Cook. It introduces the innovative work Timothy Cook did when he joined Apple.

If Steve Jobs was a figure who surprised the world with his amazing technology and new products, as well as his brilliant and well-organized presentations, Timothy Cook was a talent who quietly managed the household behind Steve Jobs.

Behind Steve Jobs’ brilliance was Timothy Cook, a genius in management and management, so Steve Jobs was able to receive such a spotlight.

Timothy Cook, although lacking in brilliance, gave the impression of being a quiet but solid manager. In particular, he showed a revolutionary ability in inventory management, improving the issue of unnecessary logistics costs by drastically reducing inventory to almost none.

Even today, Apple is making huge profits due to Timothy Cook’s systemic management, and has become a company that competes with Microsoft for the top 1-2 market cap on Wall Street.

“Building a United Front with Partner Companies and a Genius in Logistics Management”

Apple’s way of dealing with partner companies was different from the way Korean companies dealt with partner companies in the past. Based on Apple’s excellent demand forecasting, Apple pursued annual contracts even with small and medium-sized partner companies.

Through this method, a solid united front was established with partner companies, and mutual growth was possible. In contrast, Korean IT companies mainly pursued contracts centered on large companies that ordered one week in advance, so they could not avoid criticism of “squeezing subcontractors.”

Apple was able to establish annual contracts with partner companies based on their forecasting ability. In particular, the author says that Timothy Cook had a great influence in the field of demand forecasting.

“Timothy Cook, who pushed for the establishment of the Apple Store”

One of Timothy Cook’s major achievements is always cited as the establishment of the Apple Store. At first, Steve Jobs was said to have strongly opposed the idea of establishing an Apple Store.

Nevertheless, Timothy Cook strongly persuaded Steve Jobs to change the distribution structure from the existing reselling method to a direct selling method. This method also had a significant impact on inventory management.

“Timothy Cook, a symbol of management”

The reason Timothy Cook is called a symbol of management is precisely because of this. The reform of SCM and the pursuit of outsourcing instead of Apple’s own factories also began with Timothy Cook’s ideas.

Currently, Apple only designs, and all other processes are carried out through outsourcing, and this idea was all started by Timothy Cook.

“The S, SE series are also Timothy Cook’s works”

These days, you can’t easily see a new model released by adding an “s” to the name of the previous model using parts from the previous model, but in the past, it was easy to see. Models with an “s” added to the name, such as “iPhone 4s,” “iPhone 5s,” and “iPhone 6s,” were introduced, and this idea was also proposed by Timothy Cook.

This strategy of creating a channel to resell using parts and products from the past while releasing new products was reflected in the iPhone SE series. Timothy Cook is seen as a CEO who is good at “management” in many ways, and since his major achievements are related to “management,” it is natural to have such an image.

“Timothy Cook: Auburn College Graduation Speech”

As Steve Jobs gave a graduation speech at Stanford University, Timothy Cook also gave a speech at his alma mater, Auburn College, at the graduation ceremony, giving advice to his juniors.

In the latter part of the book, the words Timothy Cook said at the graduation ceremony are summarized under the title “Five Success Mentoring.”

“Five Success Mentoring”

  1. Sometimes, believe in intuition rather than reason.
  2. Be prepared.
  3. Work hard.
  4. Don’t obsess over failure.
  5. Enjoy your own life.

It can be said that this means always preparing tirelessly, enjoying the present, and training yourself with the lessons learned from failure.

The first “intuition” is a saying that comes from Timothy Cook’s experience. Timothy Cook was serving as vice president of a company called “Compaq,” which was the number one company in the “PC” industry at the time. However, after a brief 5-minute meeting with Steve Jobs, who was almost collapsing at the time, he decided to transfer to Apple.

Despite being something that cannot be understood logically, he presents it as a lesson learned from his intuition. Thanks to Timothy Cook’s intuition, he helped lead Apple, a huge company, and is currently serving as CEO, placing Apple as the world’s number one company.

“The first book to highlight Timothy Cook”

Through this book, you can briefly learn about Timothy Cook as a person and Apple as a company. Now that Timothy Cook has become a famous figure, there will be many articles and books about him. However, this book is significant in that it is the first book to deal with Timothy Cook.

Timothy Cook’s strength is that it may not be flashy on the surface, but he quietly builds a solid foundation and does not hesitate to support it. Ultimately, it was a time to indirectly learn that substance is important.

“Apple’s Future, Timothy Cook (Timothy Cook)”