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The First Cathedral in Macau – St. Dominic’s Cathedral

In Senado Square, Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you can explore various cultural treasures. Alongside the Ruins of St. Paul’s and Monte Fort, you’ll find Na Tcha Temple among other UNESCO-designated sites.

As you ascend from Senado Square towards the direction of Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, you’ll come across a prominent yellow building. This structure, too, is one of Macau’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

“Macau’s First Cathedral – St. Dominic’s Cathedral”

The yellow building is none other than Macau’s first cathedral, St. Dominic’s Cathedral. Built in 1587 by the Spanish Dominican clergy, it showcases Baroque architecture.

Although St. Dominic’s Cathedral was completed seven years after St. Paul’s Cathedral, the latter initially served as a college, leading St. Dominic’s to claim the title of Macau’s first cathedral.

“In 1997, Restoration and Public Accessibility”

St. Dominic’s Cathedral underwent expansion in the 17th century, followed by numerous restoration projects spanning into the 18th century. At one point, it even served as a tourist office and military facility. After continuous expansion and restoration efforts, the building’s restoration was finally completed in 1997, allowing public access ever since.

“St. Dominic’s Cathedral Museum”

Connected to the cathedral is a museum, which also offers free admission. Macau offers a plethora of complimentary experiences, including shuttle services provided by hotels and access to most historical sites. The museum at St. Dominic’s Cathedral is another such place where visitors can explore at no cost.

The museum spans from the second to the fourth floor, housing an array of Catholic artifacts. Visitors can view priestly garments and various sculptures, providing a rich insight into Catholic heritage.

A testament to Macau’s rich history, St. Dominic’s Cathedral stands as another UNESCO World Heritage site alongside Senado Square.

“St. Dominic’s Cathedral, Macau”