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Suwon Lakeside Park “Gwanggyo Lakeside Park”

Gwanggyo New Town in Suwon is a relatively recent development. After the construction of Gwanggyo New Town, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office, and Suwon High Court relocated to Gwanggyo New Town. The Suwon Education Office is also scheduled to move to Gwanggyo New Town.

Gwanggyo New Town in Suwon is strategically developed, showing a difference from the existing downtown area of Suwon. Alongside the development of Gwanggyo New Town, the “Gwanggyo Lakeside Park” has also been completed. Gwanggyo Lakeside Park is one of the largest lake parks in Korea, covering approximately 20,050,000 square meters, which is about 650,000 pyeong (a unit of area in Korea).

“Suwon Gwanggyo New Town Lakeside Park, Gwanggyo Lakeside Park”

Previously, Gwanggyo Lakeside Park was a natural reservoir and a new reservoir. These two reservoirs were facilities for supplying agricultural water. However, with the creation of the new town, a large-scale park connecting these two reservoirs was established, resulting in the birth of Korea’s largest Gwanggyo Lakeside Park.

While “Ilsan Lakeside Park” was famous among the existing Gyeonggi New Towns, now it seems that the title of being the largest lake park in Korea should be handed over to Gwanggyo Lakeside Park. The scale of Gwanggyo Lakeside Park is said to be 1.7 times that of Ilsan Lakeside Park.

“The Scenery of Gwanggyo Lakeside Park”

Gwanggyo Lakeside Park offers splendid views both during the day and at night. There is a unique charm during the day, and a different charm at night.

It’s a place where you can enjoy magnificent views no matter when you visit. Thanks to this, it’s easy to spot people strolling around the park from all corners. You can commonly see people walking along the paths prepared in the park. It’s a place where you can find families on outings, couples, and friends gathering.

“The Observatory in Gwanggyo Lakeside Park, Freiburg Observatory”

At the heart of Gwanggyo Lakeside Park lies the “Freiburg Observatory.” The Freiburg Observatory draws inspiration from the city of Freiburg in Germany, which is a sister city of Gwanggyo New Town. Thanks to this connection, you can find an observatory named after Freiburg in Gwanggyo Lakeside Park. Climbing up to the observatory and taking in the view of Gwanggyo Lakeside Park at a glance is also highly recommended.

“The Green Forest Library in Gwanggyo Lakeside Park”

In Gwanggyo Lakeside Park, you can also find a library. Known as the “Gwanggyo Green Forest Library,” it’s a place where you can read books and participate in various reading culture programs.

The Gwanggyo Green Forest Library can be found behind the Freiburg Observatory.

As a huge lakeside park that constitutes one of the pillars of Gwanggyo New Town, it serves as a place of vitality for the citizens of Suwon and residents of Gwanggyo New Town.

It’s a great place to visit with family, significant others, or friends to spend leisurely time.

“Suwon Yongsan Gwanggyo Lakeside Park”