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Suwon Lake Park, Sanctuary for Migratory Birds: Suwon Seoho

Located just one stop away from Suwon Station near Hwaseo Station, there is a large lake. When people think of Suwon’s lake park, they often picture “Gwanggyo Lake Park,” but in the west of Suwon, you can also find a quite impressive lake park.

“Different Atmosphere from Gwanggyo Lake Park: Suwon Seoho Park”

While Gwanggyo Lake Park exudes grandeur, Suwon Seoho Park offers a relatively modest charm. If Gwanggyo Lake Park feels like a large park nestled in the heart of the city, Suwon Seoho, on the other hand, exudes a natural, outdoorsy ambiance.

“A Park Nestled in Nature, Ideal for Strolling”

Gwanggyo Lake Park is also excellent for strolling, but it tends to be bustling with people. It’s well-known and surrounded by apartment complexes, which adds to the crowds.

However, Suwon Seoho provides a relatively tranquil experience. It’s a place that feels close to nature, making it perfect for a peaceful stroll. There’s a well-maintained walking path along the flowing stream, which eventually leads to Seoho.

“A Sanctuary for Migratory Birds: Suwon Seoho”

There’s a unique sight to behold at Seoho. Suwon Seoho has become a sanctuary for migratory birds. When Suwon City developed Seoho Park in 1996, they utilized the leftover earth from the construction to create an artificial island in the middle of Seoho. This 12,000-square-meter artificial island subsequently became a destination for winter migratory waterfowl, including mallards, swans, geese, pintails, and teal.

Personally, when I visited this place, I was able to witness the migratory birds arriving. It was an extraordinary experience to see so many birds up close. It was a moment that made me appreciate anew the existence of such a space in the midst of the city.

“Relatively Limited Accessibility”

Overall, it’s a well-maintained lake park with a close connection to nature, making it a place I’d like to visit again. However, it does have its drawbacks—it’s not the easiest place to reach.

While it’s close to Hwaseo Station, there are relatively few pedestrian access routes. Although the distance on the map from Suwon Station may seem short, in reality, getting to Suwon Station can be a bit challenging due to many blocked roads.

Perhaps it’s because of these factors that this lake park, which exudes a nature-friendly, serene atmosphere, was developed. Unlike Gwanggyo Lake Park, which radiates grandeur, Suwon Seoho Lake Park is a more humble, nature-embracing gem.

“Suwon Hwaseo Lake Park, Suwon Seoho”

  • Address: Hwaseo-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do