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“Steve Jobs’ Presentation 2″ by Kim Kyung-tae

Steve Jobs’ presentations are commonly regarded as the textbook example of a “presentation.” They are perfectly structured with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Not only does he deliver presentations seamlessly, but he also incorporates humor throughout, engaging the audience effectively.

Author Kim Kyung-tae analyzes Steve Jobs’ presentations and publishes them in book form. The popularity of the first volume led to the release of the second volume. The first volume was published in 2006, followed by the second volume in 2008.

“Steve Jobs’ Presentation 2” also dissects and analyzes Steve Jobs’ actual presentations. The book covers the “MacWorld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address.” While the video may no longer be available on the Apple website, it can still be found on YouTube.

The structure of the second volume follows a similar format to the first one, analyzing Jobs’ presentations and providing subtitles:

  1. The Importance of the First Button: Avoiding a Clichéd Opening!
  2. Gratitude for Collaborators (Thanking Colleagues, Thanking the Audience)
  3. Coining New Terminology at Eye Level
  4. Testimonial Approach
  5. Overcoming Competitors Without Denigration
  6. Harmonizing Visuals and Text: Avoid Text-Heavy Slides!
  7. Handling Rumors
  8. Balancing Big Numbers with Understandable Figures
  9. Shapes Better Than Charts: Simplify to Convey Core Information
  10. Crafting Text Slides: Keep It Simple & Short
  11. Presenting Objective Data
  12. Imprinting Messages
  13. Digital and Analog: Utilizing Analog Sensibilities in a Digital Presentation
  14. Content Segmentation
  15. Big Picture and Overview
  16. Transition Moments Between Slides
  17. Breath Before the Highlight: Captivating Attention with Deliberate Silence
  18. Seeking Dramatic Elements
  19. Conveying Messages Through Charts
  20. The “Five Story” of Presentations
  21. Using Quotations
  22. Practice and Rehearsal
  23. Leveraging Laughter to Influence Results
  24. Unexpected Guests
  25. The Power of Value in Price Reduction
  26. Discarding Script Notes
  27. Escaping Crisis Situations: Utilizing Humor and Backup
  28. Illusion Phenomenon in Presentations
  29. Animation Emphasizing Messages
  30. Closing that the Audience Remembers

The book also delves into Jobs’ iconic phrase “One More Thing!” which still remains a staple in Apple presentations. It imagines how Jobs might have presented the “Vision Pro” in his signature style, even incorporating the phrase “One More Thing!” through the voice of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

“Steve Jobs’ Presentation 2″