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Statue Square: A Piece of History in the Heart of Central, Hong Kong

In the heart of Central, Hong Kong, lies a small square named “Statue Square,” known as “황후상 광장” in Korean. This square can be easily found upon exiting from Exit K of the MTR Central Station, nestled between Hong Kong Park and Chater Garden.

“Once Home to Queen Victoria’s Statue”

The square earned its name from the presence of a statue of Queen Victoria during the British colonial era. However, this iconic statue was removed during the occupation of Hong Kong by the Japanese army in World War II.

“In Place of Queen Victoria, a Statue of Sir Thomas Jackson, First Chief Manager of HSBC”

Today, in lieu of Queen Victoria’s statue, a monument honoring Sir Thomas Jackson, the first Chief Manager of HSBC, graces the square.

“Surrounded by Skyscrapers”

While not particularly expansive, Statue Square offers a small sanctuary amidst the urban landscape of Central. Surrounded by towering skyscrapers, it emanates a distinctive ambiance.

“A Gathering Place on Weekends”

During weekends, Statue Square becomes a hub of activity, with professionals from various Southeast Asian countries gathering to socialize and unwind, reminiscent of scenes in places like Singapore.

“A Memorial Tower to the Fallen”

Just a short walk north from Statue Square, you’ll find a modest memorial tower. Erected in 1923, it originally commemorated those who fell in World War I but was later updated to include those from World War II.

“To the East: The Former Supreme Court and Legislative Council Building”

To the east of Statue Square, stands an aged building. Originally the Supreme Court, it now serves as the Legislative Council Complex. Completed in 1912, it has housed the Legislative Council since 1985.

While the statue of Queen Victoria is no longer present, Statue Square remains a significant landmark in the heart of Hong Kong Island’s Central district.

“Statue Square: A Must-Visit Landmark in Central, Hong Kong”