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St. John’s Cathedral: The Oldest Church in East Asia Located in Hong Kong

In Central Hong Kong, you can find the oldest church in East Asia, St. John’s Cathedral, built in 1849 by stationed British soldiers.

“The Oldest Church in East Asia: St. John’s Cathedral”

St. John’s Cathedral holds the distinction of being the oldest church in East Asia. This architectural marvel was constructed in the 13th-century Gothic style. Construction began in 1847 under Bishop George Smith and was completed in 1849.

However, it suffered significant damage during the Second World War, only to be restored after the conflict. During Hong Kong’s colonial era under British rule, it also served as the cathedral for the Governor of Hong Kong.

Moreover, this site witnessed the ironic historical moment of the surrender of Hong Kong to Japan during the Second World War.

“St. John’s Cathedral: Used as a Club by the Japanese Military during WWII”

During the Second World War, the Japanese military occupied Hong Kong, and they repurposed this building into an exclusive club for their forces.

“Post-War Restoration: St. John’s Cathedral”

Now, many years after the war has ended, the cathedral has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. Masses are held here once again, and various events take place on weekdays.

As an architecturally significant landmark representing the oldest church in East Asia, it’s a must-visit for Catholics, and it holds value for general travelers as well.

“St. John’s Cathedral in Central, Hong Kong”