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Snowy Landscape at King’s Garden Apartment (Photo)

The Gyeonghuigung Palace Morning Apartments are located in the vicinity of Gwanghwamun in Seoul. It is conveniently situated near Gwanghwamun Station on Subway Line 5 and also close to Gyeongbokgung Station on Subway Line 3, making it a well-located apartment complex.

You can find the Gyeonghuigung Palace Morning Apartments 3rd Complex across from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and from the windows along the corridor of the apartments, you can have a direct view of the intersection.

Moreover, if you look towards Gyeongbokgung Palace, you can even see the Blue House (Cheongwadae) building with the naked eye.

“January 26th, Snowy Scenery”

Following a cold wave on January 26th, it began to snow. I didn’t want to miss capturing the moment when the snow started falling, so I decided to take a photo.

I used an iPhone 14 Pro to take the photo in RAW format, and then made some minor adjustments. On snowy days, if I were to share a very simple photography tip, it would be to manually trigger the flash. This helps capture the falling snowflakes in a more realistic manner.

“Seoul, Snowy Landscape at King’s Garden Apartment 3rd Complex”

  • Address: 34, Sajik-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul