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Seoul Yonsei-dong Self-Service Print Shop ‘Print Cafe 24’

Recently, unmanned operated stores can be found in various places. Especially near university campuses, these types of stores are easily accessible. The younger generation, accustomed to doing things themselves, tends to naturally gravitate towards places where prices are lower, even if it involves a bit of effort.

“Seoul Yonsei-dong Self-Service Print Shop, Print Cafe 24”

You can find such unmanned stores near Yonsei University’s Sinchon campus. As you come down to the West Gate of Yonsei University, you can find a self-service print shop on a side street.

Following the street down, you’ll come across a sign that says “Print Cafe 24,” where you can print documents using the self-service facility.

“Affordable Printing Services”

When you need to print something but don’t have a printer at home, it can be inconvenient. However, having a place in the neighborhood where you can print at an affordable price is convenient.

The prices are quite reasonable. For black and white prints, both copying and printing cost 50 won per A4 sheet. For color prints, it’s 200 won. Scanning is 100 won regardless of black and white or color, and faxing is 500 won per page.

You can use A4, A3, and B4 size papers, and the prices are not significantly burdensome, making it a reasonable option.

Instructions for use are displayed in the store. Just follow the guidance on the wall, and payment can be made with a card.

It’s a convenient place to use when you need to print something urgently.

“Seoul Yonsei-dong, Print Cafe Yonsei West Gate Branch”

  • Address: 42 Yonsei-ro 10-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul