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Seoul Yongsan, the Charming Alley ‘Baekbin Geonneolmok,’ a Shooting Location for ‘My Mister’

As you head a bit south from Seoul Yongsan Station, you’ll discover a place preserving picturesque views known as ‘Ddaeng Ddaeng Geori’ or ‘Clang Clang Alley.’ The name comes from the sound of the crossing gate coming down each time a train passes along the railway.

Finding streets where a railway crosses in most areas of Seoul has become challenging. With the Gyeongui Line now underground, observing the above-ground railway and the sight of the crossing gate coming down is a rare occurrence. Ironically, seeing such scenes has become somewhat delightful as they are not easily found.

“Seoul Yongsan, Baekbin Geonneolmok, a Location from ‘My Mister’”

Baekbin Geonneolmok is another name associated with Ddaeng Ddaeng Geori. A caretaker is stationed at Baekbin Geonneolmok, where you can witness them controlling people by waving a signal flag when the train passes. Finding such a charming scene in the heart of Seoul is quite impressive, especially considering its proximity to Yongsan Station.

Moreover, this place served as a filming location for the drama “My Mister,” in which IU starred. Although not having seen the drama, it seems to have been portrayed as a somewhat eerie and gloomy place, as described in writings by others. However, when you visit, you might find that it is far from a gloomy atmosphere and, instead, evokes a sense of nostalgia.

“A Gathering Place for Photographers Capturing the Railroad Scene”

In South Korea, such places are not easily found nowadays, making it a spot sought after by photographers capturing the scenes of trains passing by. On the day of my visit, I observed many people waiting to take photos. Luckily, the sky was beautiful, and I, too, managed to capture some decent shots.

While it’s now rare to encounter landscapes with railways in South Korea, this type of scene is still easily found in neighboring Japan. Being here felt like a journey to Japan, despite being in Korea.

Of course, living in a place with a railway crossing can be risky and inconvenient. However, occasionally visiting such spots brings back the romanticism of the past. It’s fascinating to find such a place near Yongsan Station, and there’s a simultaneous thought that one day, this place might also disappear into history. Nevertheless, for now, it’s fortunate that we can still visit before such places vanish.

“Seoul Yongsan Ddaeng Ddaeng Geori, Baekbin Geonneolmok”

  • Address: 40-48 Hangang-ro 3-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul