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Seoul Yongsan Station I’Park Mall Italian Cafe “Tazzadoro”

In Seoul Yongsan Station, you can find the complex shopping mall called I’Park Mall. It is adjacent to Yongsan Station and has a total floor area of 330,000 square meters, consisting of three underground floors and nine above-ground floors. Each floor is divided into Fashion Park, Living Park, Taste Park, The Center, and various shops are located throughout. Restaurants and cafes can also be found.

Among them, the cafe named “Tazzadoro” may be considered the cafe that occupies the best spot inside I’Park Mall, almost securing a prime location.

“Yongsan I’Park Mall Italian Cafe, Tazzadoro”

Cafe Tazzadoro is located on the 4th floor of I’Park Mall. It is situated at the intersection of the East and West wings, offering a view of the outdoor garden. It’s a cafe where you can enjoy a splendid view indoors.

On nice days, you can buy coffee to-go and spend time in the outdoor garden right in front.

“One of the Three Famous Coffee Shops in Rome, Tazzadoro”

Tazzadoro is a place that sells Italian coffee. It is known as one of the three famous coffee shops in Rome. It is located near the Pantheon in Rome and has a deep history, dating back to 1946.

Finding a Tazzadoro cafe in Korea is not easy. Currently, there are only five branches in Korea, and one of them is located in Yongsan I’Park Mall.

The Tazzadoro cafes in Korea are as follows:

  • Tazzadoro Dongtan Branch (Main Branch)
  • Tazzadoro Gangnam Branch
  • Tazzadoro Yongsan I’Park Mall Branch
  • Tazzadoro Suwon Gwanggyo Branch
  • Tazzadoro Dogok Branch

For those who have memories of traveling to Italy, this cafe may be even more special, as it combines both taste and atmosphere.

However, the store is not particularly spacious, and there are not many seats. Nevertheless, on good weather days, you can take your drink to-go and enjoy your time in the outdoor seating area, so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

“Seoul Yongsan Station I’Park Mall Cafe, Tazzadoro”