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Seoul Yongsan Cinema “Lotte Cinema Yongsan”

Yongsan, in the past, was famous as a place for electronics shopping, but it also gained a notorious reputation. It was known for merchants called “Yongpali,” who sometimes pressured customers to buy unnecessary items and sold goods at high prices. It earned the reputation of being the largest electronics market in Korea, along with its notorious image.

With the advent of online commerce, the Yongsan Electronics Market lost its former glory and temporarily declined into an urban slum. However, with the introduction of “iPark Mall” near Yongsan Station, the image of Yongsan underwent a transformation.

“Yongsan Station iPark Mall and Yongsan Electronics Market”

iPark Mall, located near Yongsan Station, and Yongsan Electronics Market are quite close in proximity. However, they exude completely different atmospheres. The area near Yongsan Station has achieved an image reversal with a clean atmosphere, while the former central hub of Yongsan, the electronics market, still maintains its original ambiance.

You can also find cinemas in the Yongsan area. At iPark Mall, where Yongsan Station is located, you’ll find a “CGV” cinema. Lotte Cinema, on the other hand, is situated in the building that used to be the central hub of the old Yongsan Electronics Market.

“Lotte Cinema Yongsan Branch”

You can find Lotte Cinema on the 4th and 5th floors of Yongsan Electronics Land. I had expected to find Lotte Cinema near Yongsan Station, so it was somewhat surprising to find it in the building that used to be the central hub of the old Yongsan Electronics Market.

By the way, at Yongsan Electronics Land, you can find educational spaces that provide education aligned with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as “X-SPACE” and “Hands-On Campus.” You can also find Lotte Cinema on the 4th and 5th floors of the same building. When you first enter the building, it may seem like there’s no cinema, which can be a bit confusing, but if you look closely, you’ll find “Lotte Cinema.”

“Lotte Cinema X SK Telecom”

The reason I chose Lotte Cinema over the nearby CGV near Yongsan Station is simple. If you use “SK Telecom,” you can watch movies for free up to three times a year, and Lotte Cinema has a partnership with SK Telecom, so I had to visit Lotte Cinema.

As it happened, I was meeting a friend near Yongsan Station, so we visited Lotte Cinema Yongsan Branch, which is conveniently close by.

“Hansan: Rising Dragon”

The movie I watched this time was “Hansan: Rising Dragon” Based on one of Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s three major victories, the “Battle of Hansan Island,” the film tells the story.

Among the trilogy of movies about Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s three major victories, the first movie released, “Roaring Currents,” emphasized sensational scenes, which left something to be desired. However, in the case of “Hansan: Rising Dragon” the film excluded scenes that could be described as “grotesque,” which were seen in the previous film, and presented a more polished and refined production.

However, one small disappointment was the Japanese spoken by actor Byeon Ho-han, who played the Japanese general “Wakizaka Yasuharu.” Although the Japanese used in the film is archaic, differing from modern Japanese, it still sounded somewhat awkward. I asked a non-Japanese foreigner who watched the film about Byeon Ho-han’s Japanese, and they said it sounded awkward enough to hinder immersion, even for a non-Japanese speaker.

Aside from this, it’s a well-made film, especially because it depicts Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s Hangeogui tactics well, showcasing a more outstanding direction compared to the previous work.

Lotte Cinema Yongsan Branch is located in a somewhat unexpected place, making it not easy to find, but it’s a good place to enjoy a movie in a convenient location.

“Seoul Yongsan Cinema, Lotte Cinema Yongsan Branch”

  • Address: 4-5F, Yongsan Electronics Land, 74 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 1544-8855
  • Website: Lotte Cinema Yongsan