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Seoul Yeouido “Han River Park”

Along the Han River, which runs through Seoul, various parks have been created. Among them, Yeouido Hangang Park stands out as one of the most famous Han River parks.

Situated right by the riverside, Yeouido Hangang Park is adjacent to two of Seoul’s three major downtown areas, Hanyang Fortress and Yeouido. It attracts overwhelming numbers of visitors compared to other Han River parks due to its more convenient accessibility.

“How to Get to Yeouido Hangang Park”

Getting to Yeouido Hangang Park is straightforward. Take Exit 3 at Yeouinaru Station on Subway Line 5, and you can enter Yeouido Hangang Park. Near the entrance of the park, various food stalls and vendors offer everything from simple snacks to renting out mats for relaxation.

The moment you enter the park, you’ll notice the diverse street vendors, indicating the proximity to the park.

“No Longer “I SEOUL U””

While the “I SEOUL U” sculpture was once a feature of Han River Park, it is no longer present due to the change in Seoul’s brand name. The new slogan is now confirmed as “Seoul, My Soul.”

“Facilities at Yeouido Hangang Park”

Key facilities you can find at Yeouido Hangang Park include fields, multi-purpose sports fields, the Mulbit Square Fountain, Mulbit Stage, Saetgang Ecological Park, Yacht Marina, Duck Boat Dock, Cruise Ship Dock, Sparrow Observatory, and the Han River Swimming Pool.

On sunny days, you can easily spot people spending time on the fields along the Han River. In some areas, you may also find people setting up tents and enjoying their time.

Han River is a representative landmark of Seoul, and Yeouido Hangang Park, in particular, is considered a must-visit attraction within the Han River parks. If you’re visiting Seoul for the first time, it’s a place worth exploring.

“Yeouido Hangang Park, Seoul”