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Seoul Yeonhui-dong Stroll: Gungdong Neighborhood Park

In the northwest of Seoul’s Yeonhui-dong lies Gungdongsan, a mountain that leads to Hongjecheon. Beyond Gungdongsan, you’ll find a path that leads down to Hongjecheon, and Gungdong has been transformed into a neighborhood park, providing a walking path for the residents of Yeonhui-dong.

Taking advantage of a long-awaited holiday, I had the chance to explore the Yeonhui-dong Gungdongsan Circular Path. Starting from the legendary Jangheebin Well in Yeonhui-dong, I was able to climb up to Gungdongsan and enjoy a view overlooking Yeonhui-dong.

“Yeonhui-dong Gungdong Neighborhood Park”

You can easily reach Gungdong Neighborhood Park in Yeonhui-dong by taking Seoul bus 04. However, on this day, I personally chose to walk up for a leisurely stroll. The path was quite steep, causing me to catch my breath a bit, but the view of Yeonhui-dong from Gungdong Park was quite spectacular.

“Gungdongsan Gymnasium”

In Gungdong Park, you’ll find facilities like the Gungdongsan Gymnasium and the Seodaemun Self-Reliance Support Center. The first thing that caught my eye was the Gungdongsan Gymnasium, a building in the form of a gymnasium.

Upon entering the building, I noticed several autographs of famous individuals on the walls, indicating that it may be a place to learn badminton. I was curious about the facilities inside, but there was a sign advising visitors to change into indoor shoes before entering, so I didn’t venture inside.

As you continue along the path, you may also come across the Seodaemun Self-Reliance Support Center. I’m not exactly sure what kind of institution it is, but the building situated atop the mountain gives off an intriguing vibe.

“Jeunggaro Overpass”

While leisurely strolling, I noticed an overpass. If you head towards Hongjecheon from Yeonhui-dong, you’ll come across this overpass. As I walked along, I wondered about the purpose of the overpass on the road. Encountering it along the way, I could see that it wasn’t much different from a regular road. It’s designed to accommodate both vehicles and pedestrians.

However, the view from the overpass is quite picturesque. Whether you’re on any overpass, the view overlooking the road imparts a special atmosphere. From the Jeunggaro Overpass, you can enjoy the view towards Hongjecheon, as well as towards Yeonhui-dong.

“Overpass Leading to Ansan Urban Nature Park”

Crossing the Jeunggaro Overpass, it leads to Ansan Urban Nature Park. On this day, I only intended to take a light stroll around Gungdong Neighborhood Park, so I didn’t venture all the way to Ansan Park. I thought to myself that I should explore Ansan Park next time when I have the chance.

The Gungdongsan Neighborhood Park in Yeonhui-dong offers a moderately elevated stroll, providing a pleasant park for casual exploration when you’re in need of a leisurely walk.

“Seoul Yeonhui-dong Gungdong Neighborhood Park”

  • Address: 118-1 San, Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul