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Seoul Square (Formerly Daewoo Building) Across from Seoul Station

Seoul Square, located opposite Seoul Station, can be considered a representative landmark symbolizing Seoul Station. Previously known as the “Daewoo Center Building,” it was renamed “Seoul Square” after being sold to Morgan Stanley in 1997 due to the Asian financial crisis and the subsequent dismantling of the Daewoo Group.

Morgan Stanley had initially planned to remodel the Daewoo Building into a glass palace, but due to building regulations, only interior repairs were carried out, and it reopened as Seoul Square.

“Setting of the Korean Drama ‘Misaeng’”

In the TVN drama “Misaeng,” Seoul Square appears as the headquarters of One International, the fictional company in the series. As the model for One International at the time was “Daewoo International (now POSCO International),” Seoul Square naturally became the backdrop.

Scenes in the drama depict the protagonist, Jang Geurae, arriving at or leaving the company, as well as moments of him on the rooftop enjoying the breeze.

The producer of “Misaeng,” Lee Jae-moon, mentioned, “We needed a symbolic building that looks majestic yet lonely to portray the fiercely competitive corporate world. Being a building that resembles a castle and appears emblematic to the Korean economy, it holds special significance.” With the drama’s immense popularity, Seoul Square, which served as the backdrop, also received the nickname “Jang Geurae Building.”

“A Space Utilized for Various Cafes, Embassies, Apartments, and Offices”

Currently, it is no longer used as a building of the Daewoo Group, and visitors can find various cafes throughout the space. There are several cafes on the first floor alone.

Additionally, the space is utilized as offices for various embassies from different countries. The Embassy of Germany, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Estonia, and Delegation of the European Union to South Korea have all established their presence here.

“A Perfect Spot to Capture Seoul Square Head-On”

The rooftop parking lot of Lotte Mart across the street offers an ideal vantage point to capture Seoul Square head-on. From here, you can take a photograph of Seoul Square with Culture Station Seoul 284 in the foreground. Additionally, you can also capture a single frame that includes Namdaemun Police Station on one side and N Seoul Tower on Namsan Mountain through the spaces between the buildings.

“Seoul, Seoul Square Across from Seoul Station”