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Seoul Sinchon Cafe “Banapresso”

In recent times, there’s a domestic coffee brand challenging the dominance of Starbucks. It’s the franchise coffee shop named Banapresso, rapidly expanding, particularly in the heart of Seoul, especially around Gangnam.

Banapresso, established in 2018, is a low-cost, large-capacity coffee specialist. Despite being a budget-friendly coffee shop, it has garnered significant popularity due to its resemblance to a regular coffee shop. While the prices are comparable to other budget coffee shops, the ambiance mirrors that of Starbucks.

“Ordering Through the Banapresso Application”

Banapresso, though belonging to the category of low-cost coffee shops, showcases a high level of sophistication in its application. Even when compared to Starbucks’ Siren Order system, there’s not a significant difference.

The excellence in the application didn’t come about easily. The parent company operating Banapresso is Banaple FN&B, which also operates “Logisoft,” occupying more than half of the designated driver market, surpassing the influence of Kakao Mobility, a major player in the mobility industry. With expertise, substantial financial backing, and the swift execution of a startup, Banapresso has been rapidly expanding its stores.

“Banapresso in Seoul Sinchon”

While Banapresso is predominantly found in the Gangnam area, it’s also available in other major regions. You can find it in Sinchon, with a total of three stores in the vicinity of Sinchon Station.

The one I visited recently is the “Sinchon Branch,” situated on Sinchon Main Street between Sinchon Station and Yonsei University.

“A 5-Floor Banapresso Sinchon Branch”

The Banapresso Sinchon Branch is quite expansive, spanning five floors, and even has rooftop access. Although the store area might feel slightly narrow compared to a typical cafe, considering its five-floor size, it doesn’t give off the impression of a budget coffee brand.

This indicates that, while keeping coffee and drink prices reasonable, the establishment also pays attention to quality, making it an impressive venue.

“Seating Available on Floors 2-5”

The first floor is primarily used for order pickup, while seating is available on floors 2 through 5. Each floor has 26-35 seats, with slight variations in seating arrangements.

With seating on floors 2 through 5, the store can accommodate more than 100 customers simultaneously. It feels more spacious than many Starbucks stores. Both from the outside and inside, it doesn’t give off the impression of a budget coffee brand. It’ll be interesting to see how it competes with Starbucks and other franchise cafes in the future.

“Enjoy the Sinchon Street View”

Moreover, from higher floors like the 4th or 5th, you can enjoy the view of Sinchon Street through the glass windows. On the day of my visit, it was raining, providing a unique perspective of the rainy street scene through the glass.

Banapresso, a budget coffee brand found in the Sinchon area, offers affordable prices without compromising on the atmosphere, making it an economically appealing destination.

“Seoul Sinchon Cafe, Banapresso Sinchon Branch”

  • Address: 14 Myeongmul-gil, 1-5th Floor, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 070-8998-8981
  • Operating Hours: (Every day) 7:00 AM – 9:30 PM
  • Website: https://www.banapresso.com