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Seoul Seochon Village Cafe & Bar ‘Daechung Park Inwangsan’

“Daechung Park” is a versatile space offering coffee, tea, alcohol, and desserts. The first branch is located in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, and due to its popularity in Yeonnam-dong, a branch was also opened in Seochon Village.

You can find it in Seoul’s Seochon Village, a bit south from Tongin Market, where you can taste traditional Korean packed meals.

“Seoul Seochon Village Cafe & Bar, Daechung Park Inwangsan”

The branch in Seochon Village is named “Daechung Park Inwangsan.” It’s situated on the fourth floor of a newly constructed building. The signage isn’t very prominent, so it’s easy to walk past without noticing.

I deliberately went to this place, but I had a moment of wandering because I couldn’t find the entrance even after coming nearby. Looking at the directory at the entrance of the building, you can see “대충” written on the fourth floor. It’s written in small characters, making it even less noticeable.

Also, when you check the English name on Google Maps, it’s listed as “Daechung Park Inwangsan,” which can make it even harder to find, as you might wonder, “Where is Daechung Park Inwangsan?”

“A Small but Atmospheric Cafe, Bar – Daechung Park Inwangsan”

Once you find the entrance to the building, you can take the elevator up. Daechung Park Inwangsan is located on the fourth floor, so simply press the fourth-floor button. After exiting the elevator and turning left, you’ll find the entrance, with a small garden welcoming you.

Open the door on the right, and you’ll finally enter “Daechung Park Inwangsan.” From the moment you enter, you’ll notice a small-sized bar, creating an atmosphere that blurs the line between a cafe and a bar.

The space is narrow but exudes a unique atmosphere with its tasteful interior. It’s especially suitable for couples to visit and spend time together.

“On a Good Weather Day, You Can Spend Time on the Outdoor Terrace”

This is exactly why I visited this place. On a sunny day, you can enjoy a cup of tea while admiring the view of Inwangsan from the outdoor area. The harmonious blend of traditional hanok buildings in Seochon Village, modern villas, and the backdrop of Inwangsan creates a truly special atmosphere.

Particularly on the day we visited, with the arrival of warm spring weather, spending time outdoors was more than satisfying.

“Serving Coffee, Wine, Whiskey, and More”

This place isn’t just a space for cafes. In the evening, it transforms into a wine bar. While the space is small, it exudes a special atmosphere, and accordingly, the coffee prices are a bit higher compared to regular cafes. However, it’s not excessively pricey.

For example, the cheapest filter coffee is 7,000 won, which is slightly more expensive compared to Starbucks. An advantage is that for filter coffee, you can choose from three different types of beans.

They sell wine by the bottle and also by the glass. The cheapest glass of wine is 8,000 won, and overall, the prices for wine are not as burdensome as one might think. In addition, they offer a variety of other alcoholic beverages, making it a great place for couples to visit and enjoy a special time together.

A cafe and bar with an atmosphere that feels hidden in Seoul’s Seochon Village, it provides a distinctive ambiance, especially suitable for couples looking for a unique date spot.

“Seoul Seochon Village Cafe & Bar, Daechung Park Inwangsan”

  • Address: 4th Floor, 46 Pilundae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Operating Hours: (Mon-Thu) 12:30 PM – 9:30 PM, (Fri-Sun) 12:30 PM – 10:30 PM
  • Website: https://daechungpark.com