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Seoul Sadang, Isu Unmanned Cafe ‘Late Night Coffee Sadang Branch’

As the world evolves, we’re witnessing the emergence of stores that operate autonomously. In the Sadang neighborhood near Isu Station, you can find a cafe that runs on an unmanned system.

This 24-hour unmanned cafe is named ‘Late Night Coffee.’ Despite the name, it’s a facility that you can also use during the daytime.

It’s situated centrally, considered to be in proximity to Sadang Station, Isu Station, and Namseong Station, nestled in a tranquil neighborhood, making it a distinctive cafe.

“Affordable Coffee Purchases through Vending Machines”

Since the store operates autonomously, you can place orders through vending machines. Being an unmanned cafe without staff, the prices are quite affordable.

An iced Americano starts at 1,500 KRW, and all menu items are priced below 3,000 KRW. Additionally, next to the coffee vending machine, there’s another vending machine where you can purchase snacks like desserts. These are also sold at very reasonable prices.

“A Cafe Where You Can Use Space Inexpensively”

Apart from the unmanned cafe system, there are also seats available. While it doesn’t have an abundance of seating, it’s still a great place to take a moment to recharge. The presence of charging facilities to power up laptops or phones is an impressive feature of this place.

Although the store is named ‘Late Night Coffee Sadang Branch,’ the actual location is closer to Isu Station than Sadang Station. Situated in a quiet alley, it’s a place where you can spend some time recharging with a cup of coffee at an affordable price.

Especially, if your phone or tablet is running low on battery, this is a place where you can consider taking a moment to have coffee while charging your electronic devices.

“24-Hour Unmanned Cafe, Late Night Coffee Sadang Branch”

  • Address: 1st Floor, 22, Namboosunhwan-ro 269-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07016
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours